October 7, 2015

Mobile Dashboards Support Data-driven Cultures

Ottawa, Ontario (October 7, 2015)Klipfolio announced today the immediate availability of a free mobile app for its cloud-based dashboards. The new Klipfolio mobile app allows users to track and share data that matters right then, on their iPhones. Now customers can get access to Klips and dashboards in a native iOS experience on their iPhone. Whether users are at the desktop, in a meeting or traveling, they have access to dashboards that help them make decisions using real-time data.

The new Klipfolio for iPhone app:

  • Provides access on the iPhone to any dashboard built in Web-based Klipfolio
  • Allows users to select the dashboards that they want to view in the app and customize the order in which they are displayed.
  • Offers a responsive layout that adjusts to fit the iPhone screen
  • Automatically resizes the dashboard Klips when the phone is rotated
  • Provides drop down menus to filter data sets
  • Has interactive visualizations - click on a data point and see a pop-up with the values

“Today, businesses have to move faster and smarter. Decision-makers must have access to real-time data no matter where they are,” said Allan Wille, Klipfolio CEO and founder. “Klipfolio for iPhone puts dashboards in every iOS pocket in your organization.”

Pierce Ujjainwalla, founder of Revenue Pulse, is already a fan, "Love the new mobile dashboarding capabilities. I need to be connected to my KPIs all the time, and Klipfolio mobile makes that possible.”

Erik van Dorp, CEO of Cervino Marketing, says, “Klipfolio for iPhone lets me access all of my data on the go. I love being able to see how our business, and our clients’ businesses are performing at all times.”

Frederic Thouin, Ph.D., chief analytics officer and co-founder, Busbud.com, pointed out that there is a difference between a dashboard expressly designed for mobile and one designed on the Web-based tool, even a mobile web option. "And, the new Klipfolio for iPhone is so much faster than the mobile web version." ”

Klipfolio for iPhone helps businesses achieve true data-driven decision-making organization-wide. When dashboards are mobile, everyone in the organization can:

  • Answer a customer or partner’s question immediately
  • Easily get answers in meetings or at a team off-site
  • Get data where and when decisions are made -- 24/7

Klipfolio for iPhone helps businesses understand the fundamental difference between data on the desktop and data on the go. Klips designed expressly with the mobile device in mind will display better and faster. Mobile dashboards are best when designed with the mobile experience in mind - a small screen and always at hand. Mobile dashboards:

  • Address our contracting attention span
  • Show current data
  • Are simple and tell a complete story at a glance

Find out more at http://klipfolio.com/klipfolio-for-iphone

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