March 31, 2015

Klipfolio Launches Klip Gallery, Further Accelerating the Creation of Cloud-based Dashboards

Las Vegas, March 31 2015 – At the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit today, Klipfolio, a high-growth cloud company bringing powerful, easy-to-use and affordable real-time dashboards to the mid market, introduced its new Klip Gallery. The Klip Gallery is a library of predefined metrics for popular cloud data sources designed to accelerate dashboard creation. It is available to all Klipfolio customers as part of an open beta until the official launch on April 15. Instead of starting from scratch when building a dashboard, users simply choose from a list of predefined Klips that answer key business questions like:

  • How is my marketing funnel performing?
  • How many connections do I have in LinkedIn and from what industries?
  • Who are my most engaged fans on Facebook?
  • Show me my email list performance and monthly list growth.

Many of the Klips in the Gallery will combine data from multiple data sources. For example, the marketing funnel Klip brings together data from and Google Analytics.

“Our goal is a dashboard on every business screen,” said Mychelle Mollot, Klipfolio chief marketing officer. “The Klip Gallery is an important component in our mission to make it even faster and easier for organizations to continuously monitor the health and performance of their businesses. There is no barrier to getting started. And, with Klipfolio’s ability to perform data mash-ups, and its support for complex functions and calculations, there is no upper limit on the complexity of the dashboards.”

"With the Klip Gallery we spend less time on building dashboards and more time acting on the information in them," Scott Pagodin, Business Intelligence Manager, BPV Capital Management. "Klipfolio's commitment to ease-of-creation and ease-of-use allows us to focus on the insights in the data rather than on the mechanics of a dashboard."

Tony Cosentino, vice president and research director, Business Analytics at Ventana Research, praised the Klipfolio approach to speeding the dashboard creation process. "Business users are racing to get a timely view of their performance metrics but can't always afford to wait for someone from IT to provide the necessary integrations and visualizations. Klipfolio's time-to-value approach to dashboards is simple and elegant. Klipfolio's new Klip Gallery provides the ability to mash up data sources including on premise data as well as new cloud based data sources, providing a direct route to the right-time business metrics organizations need today.”

To add a Klip from the Gallery, users simply select the measure they want, enter their credentials to access the data source(s), follow the prompts to customize the Klip, and in a matter of seconds the metrics appear on their dashboard. Unlike the widgets created in other leading tools, once Klips are created, they are fully editable. Functions and calculations can be changed and new data sources can be added.

More than 75 Klips are immediately available and more will follow on a regular schedule. These include Klips for data from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram; newsletter platforms like Mailchimp; help desk software like userVoice; and Google marketing tools like Google Analytics and AdWords. Learn more about tracking your digital marketing and web analytics on a Google Analytics dashboard. The Klip Gallery also features other applications like Salesforce, Optimizely, Bitly, FluidSurveys, New Relic, and Pingdom.

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio is trusted and relied on by over 11,000 of the world’s best and brightest organizations. As a leader in the cloud-based business intelligence dashboarding and reporting market, Klipfolio is a cost-effective, flexible analytics solution that integrates with hundreds of data services to create powerful business insights. With customers in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, non-profit, and marketing, sales, support, Klipfolio is changing the way data is used one Klip at a time. To learn more, visit the Klipfolio website or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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