November 19, 2014

Klipfolio Introduces KlipStart for Google Analytics

OTTAWA, Ontario, November 19, 2014 – Klipfolio, a cloud dashboard provider, today introduced KlipStart for Google Analytics, the first in a series of free add-ons for Klipfolio Dashboard. Automatically generated with just a few clicks, KlipStarts are quick-start dashboards for the most commonly used cloud services. KlipStarts are fully-interactive, customizable and extendable by using Klipfolio’s built-in Klip editing capabilities.

Klipfolio is releasing additional KlipStarts over the coming year to answer the most common questions business users have about the data in the most popular cloud services. Other Klipstarts will include Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and various accounting and marketing automation services.

The first KlipStart is an automatically generated dashboard for Google Analytics. It takes less than three minutes for a Google Analytics KlipStart user to get to a fully functioning dashboard showing their Google Analytics data. Try it here.

The Google Analytics KlipStart comes free with Klipfolio Dashboard and can be modified by adding new visualizations, modifying existing ones, and by adding new data sources. Google Analytics was chosen as the first KlipStart because it is by far the most popular analytics tool on the web, and is installed on more than 10 million websites, including an estimated 60 percent of the top 10,000 sites.

“While the range of visualizations, data source mashups, and dashboards that you can build with Klipfolio is endless, many of our users are creating the same ones addressing popular cloud services,” said Mychelle Mollot, Klipfolio’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With KlipStarts we can give them a head start so they can focus their efforts on more strategic performance metrics. The real value lies in customizing dashboards to match the unique way a business is run, not in building me-too visualizations.”

KlipStart for Google Analytics is fully interactive and offers:

  • A single view for key website performance metrics like: visitors, sessions, page views, devices used by visitors (mobile or desktop), visitor geography, bounce rate, new sessions, time on site, number of goals achieved, goal conversions, and traffic sources (CPC, organic, etc.)
  • Instant data connectivity and dashboard updates from your Google Analytics account (updates every 30 minutes)
  • A variety of time period options, including comparisons and trends
  • Ability to set targets for users, sessions and page views and to track how you are performing against those targets. (This is not possible from within Google Analytics.)

Try the Google Analytics KlipStart as part of a free 14-day Klipfolio Dashboard trial. A free Klipfolio trial is also available for anyone not interested in the Google Analytics KlipStart. "I love what Klipfolio is doing with the KlipStart for Google Analytics,” said Stéphane Hamel, Director of Innovation, Cardinal Path. “In just a few minutes, they deliver a dashboard showing some really key metrics from Google Analytics and even offer value above and beyond Google Analytics, like the ability to set targets and to dynamically see how you are performing against them. This is a fantastic starting point for any organization’s dashboarding journey."

What is a Klipfolio KlipStart?

Klipfolio allows non-technical users to create and share real-time dashboards. KlipStarts are free quick-start dashboards that instantly connect to popular cloud data sources, access data, and populate the metrics and charts most commonly needed into pre-defined dashboards. KlipStarts are fully editable and can be customized and enhanced to meet the unique needs of each organization.

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio is trusted and relied on by over 11,000 of the world’s best and brightest organizations. As a leader in the cloud-based business intelligence dashboarding and reporting market, Klipfolio is a cost-effective, flexible analytics solution that integrates with hundreds of data services to create powerful business insights. With customers in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, non-profit, and marketing, sales, support, Klipfolio is changing the way data is used one Klip at a time. To learn more, visit the Klipfolio website or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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