February 9, 2012

Sales of Klipfolios Business Intelligence Dashboards Up 2.3X in 2011

Ottawa, Canada - February 09, 2012: Klipfolio Inc, a leader in operational business intelligence software, today announced that in 2011 its YoY sales increased 2.3X. This remarkable achievement marks the second straight year where Klipfolio Dashboard sales have more than doubled. 2011 was an important year that saw Klipfolio gain important new customers, such as Aviva UK, as well as key partners Arbit, Vizyx, and MAP Team.

"Klipfolio Dashboard is a perfect fit for our customers," states Sam Wiguna, MAP Team CEO. "The development platform is very powerful, allowing us to build sophisticated dashboards that map to the complex needs of our customers."

2011 was also significant because it marked the release of Klipfolio's highly anticipated mobile BI dashboard. In conjunction with its on-premise KPI dashboard, Klipfolio's suite of BI tools now provides enterprises with the ability to monitor KPIs on the desktop, on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry), and using an internet browser.

"We take over four thousand calls a day and we need to identify issues on an hourly basis and deal with them quickly," says Aviva's Daniel Steel. "Our decision to deploy Klipfolio Dashboard had everything to do with making more informed decisions in the heat of the moment." Check out Aviva's customer profile.

"2011 was a record breaking year for Klipfolio - we doubled our sales, won world-class customers, signed key global partnerships, and released our mobile BI dashboard," says Allan Wille, CEO and President of Klipfolio. "Continuing this pace, 2012 is already shaping up to be the biggest year in our company's history!"

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio’s mission is to make it fast, easy and affordable for business users to build and share real-time dashboards - enabling them to move from quarterly reflective management to continual performance optimization. Klipfolio has more than 9000 customers including marketing agencies, and those in the financial services, healthcare, consumer goods and not-for-profit industries. Find out more at klipfolio.com or follow us on twitter.com/klipfolio.

Media Contact: Marketing Department at Klipfolio, marketing@klipfolio.com