May 31, 2012

Klipfolio Improves Upon Best-in-Class Cloud and Mobile BI White-Labelling and OEM Program

Ottawa, Canada - May 31, 2012: Klipfolio Inc. today announced the release of a new suite of features available for its white-label and OEM program. The additions grants Klipfolio partners unparalleled control over their dashboard, allowing them to manage virtually any detail associated with the web dashboards they deploy to their customers. Partners can replace visual elements such as the logo, set up URL cloaking, and even add their own custom CSS to change the look and feel of the application and to keep the focus exclusively on their organization. As well, partners can now easily add new customers, and effectively administer their clients' dashboards, whether they want to set up a new dashboard for a client or add users to the application.

For over 10 years, Klipfolio has worked with the Fortune 1000 to develop KPI dashboards that meet and exceed today's data demands. Klipfolio Dashboard is an automated, real-time web and mobile accessible dashboard that delivers value to partners by dramatically reducing the time and effort creating KPI reports. Klipfolio's white-label and OEM program is a proven way to augment existing client relationships - particularly for marketing agencies - and drive incremental services revenue. White-label partners can set their own pricing model, and offer access to Klipfolio Dashboard as part of a bundle or charge a premium for the service.

"The era of manually generated reports is at an end," says Allan Wille, CEO and President of Klipfolio. "A fully automated dashboard like Klipfolio Dashboard not only saves time and effort compiling reports, it also increases the visibility of key metrics. In today's fast-paced business world, you need that information to be in real-time and accessible anywhere."

About Klipfolio

Klipfolio is trusted and relied on by over 11,000 of the world’s best and brightest organizations. As a leader in the cloud-based business intelligence dashboarding and reporting market, Klipfolio is a cost-effective, flexible analytics solution that integrates with hundreds of data services to create powerful business insights. With customers in healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, non-profit, and marketing, sales, support, Klipfolio is changing the way data is used one Klip at a time. To learn more, visit the Klipfolio website or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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