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SEO Visibility

Compare this week's SEO visibility to the previous week and discover the trend.

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SEO Visibility Definition

Searchmetrics states SEO visibility is composed of search volume and the position of ranking keywords. Each position is individually measured by a calculated factor from Searchmetrics. Also, the SEO Visibility factors in whether the ranking keywords are navigational or informational.

What does SEO Visibility show?

According to Searchmetrics, SEO Visibility presents the current trend and historical development of a domain's visibility in search engines. The index reflects how often a website shows up in the search results.

SEO Visibility makes it possible to compare the performance of different domains in search engines. Because of the historical data, problems as well as positive changes can be identified. Comparing the SEO Visibility of thematically similar websites or competitors will provide the most value as developments of the market environment will be factored in and market trends easily identified.

SEO Visibility Challenges

While SEO Visibility can relate to a website's real traffic, it is important to remember that traffic can come from many different places online. Therefore SEO Visibility is only an indicator of visibility that comes from a website's organic search channel.

seo visibility vs competitors

How to improve SEO Visibility

A great way to improve SEO visibility is to use third party tools to empower insight. Tools including SEMrush provide keyword and competitive intelligence in real-time, which empowers business owners to better understand current performance as well as the competitor landscape. Chris Boggs, digital marketing expert and founder of suggests to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Technical SEO – Are the right pages of your site indexed? Do you have “extra pages” or “ugly listings” in the SERPs?
  • Content Marketing and Optimization – What kind of content drives search engine exposure to your site and your competitors’? Your industry? Your specific target client segment(s)?
  • Inbound Links and Social Signals – Does anyone who matters care about your content?

Social SEO Visibility vs. Competitors

Compare the social visibility of your URL to your competitors.

social seo visibility

Social SEO Visibility Metric Definition

According to Searchmetrics, Social Visibility represents how visible a selected domain is on leading social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+1, Pinterest). Social Visibility looks at user actions, such as liking or sharing something on Facebook, (e.g. Facebook’s like button) as well as the URLs from the selected domain that are shared in the social media space. The different user actions are weighted differently depending on the influence of the network.

What does social SEO visibility show?

A higher Social Visibility score of a domain indicates more popularity and interactions in the social media space. You want your business to have a higher social visibility than your competitors.

Comparison to thematically similar websites or competitors helps users to assess the strength of the domain in the market as well as potential growth opportunities. Social SEO visibility demonstrates the level of engagement for content developed.

Social SEO Visibility Best Practices

There are a number of ways to increase social SEO visibility to surpass competitors. One of which is through active participation in communities, groups and online conversations. If you are going to implement these measures, it is a good idea to measure your social SEO visibility metric alongside a social sentiment metric. The reason for this is that Social SEO Visibility does not demonstrate positive, negative or neutral sentiment. You can’t control how users engage with your brand online, but pairing these two metrics together is a good way to influence it. Learn more: social media dashboard.

How to monitor SEO Visibility metrics in real-time

SEO visibility metrics should be coupled with related web metrics to provide a complete view of your digital marketing performance. These KPsI also needs to be seen within the larger context of your online marketing campaigns. This means monitoring SEO Visibility metrics alongside click-through rates, link building metrics and marketing return on investment. Learn more about measuring and monitoring your SEO visibility on a Marketing Dashboard.