Full funnel

From the money in your bank
account to the traffic on your
website, all on one dashboard.

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Go from
cents to sense

Combine Stripe, QuickBooks, Xero,
Google Analytics, or HubSpot together
for a complete view of financial reporting.

All your data,
from revenue
to web traffic

Track Payments

View and segment your payment, subscription, and billing data by product, card type, or country from Stripe

Reconcile Funds

Check the health of your bank account and allocate expenses from Xero or QuickBooks

Analyze Traffic

See the volume of web traffic and conversion rates from Google Analytics

Forecast Revenue

Identify trends across your business funnel to predict revenue from HubSpot or Salesforce

revenue growth

Know what's going to happen today, tomorrow, and next week and watch the growth happen.

Analyze cash-in and cash-out of your bank account, track payment data like new or failed charges, and use your employee headcount to get a full view of your financial growth model.

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View the health of
your business

From startups to scale ups, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your business.

Build a single source of truth that shows where your money is so you have a clear line of sight into your business.

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Analyze trends
in your revenue

Maximize revenue potential and drive full-funnel accountability.

From the marketing dollars that bring in every new lead to forecasted sales revenue, see how your money flows across every channel.

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Complete your
data journey

Connect your data

Choose from our library of over 400 instant metrics and 150 data services.

Visualize your data

Choose from 9 different visualization types to showcase your data.

Segment your data

Segment and filter your data with custom date ranges.

Explore your data

Bring your metrics together to create a dashboard.

Share your data

Share your findings with your team and generate PDF reports.

Maximize your
revenue potential

As your business grows, your data grows with you.

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