There is a story behind your Excel numbers.

The question is: Will you tell it?

Even after all these years, Excel remains a staple for businesses around the world. And why not? If you’re looking for a simple tool into which you can dump data and build formulas, you could do a lot worse.

The problem is that, unless someone drags it out into the open where it can be put to use, the lessons behind those spreadsheets will stay hidden.

At Klipfolio we give you all the tools you need to pull your Excel data out from behind a spreadsheet and into the light of day.

Our dashboards are the ideal tool for transforming the reams of data your company is storing in Excel into beautiful graphs, charts and indicators that give you the tools you need to make key business decisions.

Why Excel is (still) a great business tool

It doesn’t take much to see why Excel remains so popular.

Microsoft’s tool offers a simple interface with a relatively low barrier to entry for teams to use. It’s great for putting data to work in the form of formulas. And these days, with the rise of the cloud, it’s easier than ever to quickly share your Excel data between employees.

The problem, though, is that storing and playing with numbers isn’t enough. Data needs to be shared. Otherwise you can’t put it to work to help make key decisions, get a gauge on how your business is performing and communicate with the rest of your team.

That’s where a dashboard has such a big role to play.

What is an Excel dashboard?

A dashboard is a business management tool used to visually depict the performance of an enterprise, a specific department, or a key business operation.

Dashboards are, for the most part, built on data that you pull in from other sources and then display in the form of graphs and charts that make clear to your team how your organization is performing.

The data sources can be pretty much anything – your Facebook ads, say, or your Google Analytics data.

It can even be an Excel spreadsheet.

The beauty of an Excel dashboard is that it allows you to keep the confusing mess of data you’ve dumped in a spreadsheet but present it to clients, bosses and team members in a clean, compelling format that makes sense to them.

This helps bring your Excel data out from behind the spreadsheet and into the open, where it can be put to work in helping improve your business.

Why create a dashboard with Excel?

A dashboard is the perfect pair for Excel data. Here’s why:

It gives everyone access to the same information: Dashboards are easily shareable. In the case of Klipfolio they can be transported onto a number of different devices – TVs, email reports, even mobile phones and tablets.

It allows you – and your employees – to visualize your data: Excel has a function that allows you to creates charts and tables. But it’s pretty limited. With a dashboard, the power to customize is yours. Bring your data to life with a variety of bar charts, tables and infographics.

A dashboard updates automatically: If you store your Excel data in the cloud, then you can get real-time reports on it through your dashboard. No more waiting for report time to get an update from your team on what your numbers are. Just have your employees update as they normally would. With dashboards, the results come to you.

Why use Klipfolio for Excel and Spreadsheet reporting?

Quickly and easily connect your Excel Data

Klipfolio offers a built-in integration with Excel. That means that connecting your data to your dashboard is as simple as finding the relevant Excel file on your computer. After that, you can even get the data from Excel to update in Klipfolio automatically.

Connecting with your Excel data

Integration with other data sources

Want to compare numbers from Excel with your Google Analytics data in the same chart?

With Klipfolio, you can do that!

A Klipfolio dashboard can also pull in numbers from other channels, such as Google AdWords or LinkedIn ads. No more opening Excel files then logging into your social media and analytics platforms to check in on your performance.

Everything you need is in one place.

+100 More

Simple custom dashboards

We have a wealth of pre-built content for Google Analytics, Facebook, and more that can get you up and running in no time. With Excel data, because of how unique it is, building dashboards require a bit more customization. Thankfully, Klipfolio gives you everything you need to customize Klips based on the data that’s unique to your business. This includes courses and workshops that will make you a dashboard expert in no time.

Stuck? No problem. Klipfolio also has resources for getting help with particular problems through a world-class knowledge base.

Customize your dashboards

Version control

How many different versions of the same Excel document do you have floating around your company at the moment?

With Klipfolio, getting everyone on the same page is easier than ever.

Using a tool like Dropbox or Box as a data source connector can help ensure Klipfolio is drawing from the right source of Excel data.

Then, using Klipfolio’s tools that make it easy to share your dashboard, you can ensure everyone is looking at the same results.

Version control

It’s easy to share with your team

Emails. PDFs. Web links. There’s no shortage of ways you can share your Klipfolio dashboard with your team.

Sharing data with your team

How to create an Excel dashboard with Klipfolio

Creating an Excel dashboard with Klipfolio is easy.

  1. Connect your data: Klipfolio offers a built-in integration with Excel. That means all you need to do is upload your Excel spreadsheet (this can even be done via third-party tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive). Klipfiolio does the rest.
  2. Select your metrics: Klipfolio makes it easy to get up and running with pre-built dashboards and “Klips”. All you need to do is let Klipfolio know what you want to track.
  3. Build your dashboard: Even Excel data easy to customize. Move your data around, change colours, add some indicators – pretty much everything is customizable.
  4. Gain more confidence with our free training videos for Building Excel Dashboards.

Build a custom dashboard with Excel data

Sometimes you need to customize to display the data that matters most to you. That’s the beauty of Klipfolio. Our tool is simple enough that even the most data-adverse teams can use it to get real-time updates on how their business is performing. But it’s also detailed enough that teams that want to customize, can. Klipfolio makes the hard part of building custom dashboards – actually pulling the data in from your channels – easy. We have pre-built integrations with Excel and nearly every tool available. Quickly and easily grab your Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforce and Xero data (to name a few). Want to build your own API query? You can do that too. Klipfolio gives you the power to build custom queries to pull in the unique data sources for which you’re looking. Then, once your data is imported, you can put the data to work however you want. Build custom charts, tables and graphs, create indicators that show when a value has dropped and needs attention or combine data sources to reveal trends and connections. Klipfolio also has many formulas that are similar to the ones in Excel. So that means you can quickly put your Excel knowledge to work in the service of dashboard building.

The best part? You don’t even need to be an expert on data. Check out our Klipfolio courses and get step-by-step instruction on connecting your data, building custom visualizations and more.

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