Technology and Tools

We are continually improving our list of default and customer-controlled features to protect both our services and customers.

Default privacy and security features

Application features that protect customer data

Connection to the Klipfolio service is via secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS), ensuring that our customers have a secure connection to their data.

Customer passwords are not accessible by Klipfolio personnel.

Logical separation of customer data

Hardware and software configurations are designed to provide secure logical separation of customer data that permits each customer to view only its information.

Multitenant security controls include unique, non-predictable session tokens, sharing rules, and user profiles.

Redundancy and

The Klipfolio application architecture has been designed to be scalable and redundant, allowing for fluctuation in demand and expansion of users while greatly reducing the threat of extended down-time. Features of our design include load-balanced networks, pools of application servers, and clustered databases.


All data is backed up using daily and weekly images. Master/slave replication additionally ensures that database backups are hot-swappable. Backups and replications are not transported offsite.

Customer-controlled privacy and security settings

Customers may manage user and group access, editing, and administration rights. Built-in and custom roles can be assigned to users to control permissions and restrict access to certain features. Password strengh and a limitation on login attempts are configurable.