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Case Study: Versature's best-in-class sales dashboards

See how Versature used Klipfolio to get their sales and marketing data out into the organization.

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The design aspect of building Klips is seamless and doesn't have a strong learning curve. Once you have the basics nailed down, you can begin to create Klips that never need to be touched again. The best part about Klipfolio is that they listen to feedback and are constantly making changes to make the user experience easier.

Great for tracking KPI's and visualizing data across data sources

Joining all of our data sources into one problem to track across social media, google analytics, and salesforce data. Keeps the entire team focused on a few KPI's and helps us react to our data more quickly to fix potential issues.

Klipfolio is THE tool for making numbers easy to read and interpret

We use Klipfolio for visualization of marketing, sales and CRM data coming from different systems. What makes it THE tool for us is that Klipfolio is really flexible. It is possible to connect to any datasource in many different ways and to visualize the data in many different form, shape, color and size.

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Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customers

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