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5 Day - 5 Minute Unboxing Klipfolio Course

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Key to Success: Put aside 5 minutes a day to learn something new.

This easy-to-digest course unboxes the powerful journey of Klipfolio, from connecting the data that matters to succeeding at your full potential. Best part? Each lesson is only 5 minutes!

Unboxing Course Roadmap

Here’s the course roadmap:

  1. Connecting to the data that matters
  2. Building impactful visualizations at your own pace
  3. Modelling your raw data so you can build from scratch better
  4. Sharing your hard work with your team
  5. Succeeding with Klipfolio as your business grows

Along the way, we’ll provide you with video tutorials, in-app tours, and a comprehensive reading list for you to download (if you’re extra keen on learning more).

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