All your numbers united on one business dashboard.

Klipfolio is a real-time business dashboard that combines power and flexibility to bring your key numbers together so you can run a better, more data-driven business.

Connect to your data.

Connect to any data service to bring your key numbers together on one dashboard.

Mashup and calculate.

Combine multiple data sources to create insights as unique as your business.

Create visualizations.

Assign your data to visualizations to show the story behind the numbers.

Roll it out.

Cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing dashboards with everyone on your team.

We our customers

We chose Klipfolio because of how easy it was to integrate with our back-end data, and the ease of learning the UI in terms of transforming and getting value out of that data.

George Kang, Edmunds

We chose Klipfolio because they have a solid 10 year track record and offer powerful visualizations and data integration capabilities.

Stéphane Hamel, Cardinal Path

When I found out the dashboard price, I didn't think it was real. Now I use Klipfolio to track every area of my performance from social performance to my financials.

Kenny Kane, Stupid Cancer

Klipfolio is really starting to become a supertool for us. Keep up the good work.

Bjørn Roll Richardsen, ABC Startsiden





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