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Marketing occupies a fascinating position at the intersection of art and science. On one hand, top marketers tap into their creativity and artistic skill-set to craft campaigns that resonate with their audience; on the other hand, they constantly measure and analyze the performance of each campaign to refine their messaging and optimize their performance. Use these marketing KPIs and metrics to ensure your team has the data they need to perform to their full potential.

Marketing KPI Examples | Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI)

Measure how much revenue a marketing campaign generates compared to the cost of running that campaign.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Incremental Sales KPI

Incremental Sales

Measures how effective your marketing campaigns are at generating increased revenue and sales.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Traffic Sources Metrics

Traffic Sources

Measure where your website traffic comes from and provides a comparison of major traffic sources such as Search, Direct, and Referral.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Purchase Funnel

Purchase Funnel

Measures and analyzes how your audience moves through a campaign from one step to the next.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Goal Completion Rate KPI

Goal Completion Rate

Measure the success of campaigns or websites at reaching a target audience and prompting them to complete a positive action.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Keyword Performance

Keyword Performance

Measures the performance of SEO campaigns using a variety of criteria such as goal completion rate, click through rate and keyword ranking.

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Marketing KPI Examples | End Action Rate

End Action Rate

Measures the last action your audience takes as a result of participating in one of your marketing campaigns.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Cost Per Lead KPI

Cost Per Lead

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at generating leads for each dollar spent on that campaign.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Email Marketing Engagement Score

Email Marketing Engagement Score

Measure how effective campaigns are at generating actions and interactions with your target audience.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Social Interactions Metrics

Social Interactions

Measure the engagement levels of your social media campaigns

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