Sales Metrics and KPI Examples

Your competitive edge is a data-driven culture.

In today's ultra competitive business ecosystem, only the strong survive. In order to keep your sales team on top of their game, you need to cultivate a data-driven culture by sharing the right performance indicators and business metrics with your team. Use these sales KPIs and metrics to ensure your team has the confidence to ensure your business continues to thrive.

Sales KPI Examples | Sales Growth Metrics

Sales Growth

Analyze the pace at which your organization's sales revenue is growing and use that information in strategic decision-making.

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Sales KPI Examples | Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Organizes each opportunity your sales team is currently cultivating by assigning them a status such as "qualified" or "proposal."

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Sales KPI Examples | Product Performamce

Product Performance

Measure and rank products based on revenue performance to inform your sales team which products are selling well and which products need special attention.

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Sales KPI Examples | Average Profit Margin

Average Profit Margin

Measures the average profit generated from the sale of a specific service, product or product/service category.

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Sales KPI Examples | Sales Target KPI

Sales Target

Measure the number of wins over a specific time period and compare it to a target value and past performance to motivate your sales team.

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Sales KPI Examples | Average Purchase Value

Average Purchase Value

Measures the average value of each sale and is used to help quantify the value of each opportunity.

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Sales KPI Examples | Sales by Contact Method

Sales by Contact Method

Measure which contact methods are the most successful at generating sales. With this information, your sales team can allocate their time and efforts accordingly.

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Sales KPI Examples | Bookings

Sales Bookings

Measures the number and value of bookings for a given time period, where a "booking" is a won, signed or committed sale.

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Sales KPI Examples | Quote To Close Ratio

Quote To Close Ratio

Measures the number of formal quotes sent out by your sales team compared to the number of deals closed.

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Sales KPI Examples | Sales Per Rep KPI

Sales per Rep

Measure the ability of each of your sales reps to generate revenue for your organization and foster a healthy, productive level of competition amongst team members.

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