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The length of a free trial doesn’t really matter when you’re bringing in new customers. Here’s what does...

Most companies offer a free trial period during which potential customers can try out their product. A lot of thought goes into the length of the trial period - maybe too much. We’ve learned that two other factors are much more important than the length of the free trial: a sustained engagement strategy with the prospective buyer during the trial, and continuous improvement of the product to eliminate resistance throughout the evaluation period.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

Klipfolio for iPhone is now available

Today we announced the availability of Klipfolio for iPhone which will give Klipfolio users 24/7 easy access to their most import metrics and another reason to ignore their dinner dates while on their phone ;-)

Topics: News and Events, Data Visualization, Klipfolio

Tech Partner Spotlight: Talkwalker

In this Tech Partner spotlight, we're featuring Talkwalker, a social media intelligence platform. This is a seriously cool tool for social media and digital marketers. Check out this guest blog post.

Topics: Guest Blog, Metrics and KPIs, Data Sources

Tips for designing mobile dashboards in Klipfolio

With the Klipfolio App fresh on the marketplace, it's a good time to talk about design considerations for your mobile dashboard. Here are 6 tips to help you design effective mobile dashboards.

Topics: Dashboard Design - Tips, Resources, Examples

Know your customers and grow your business

Despite our company’s successful growth path, we realized that we really didn’t know enough about our customers. By digging deeper into the makeup of our customers, we were able to develop distinct client personas. These help us build the right features for the right people – people who are critical to our success.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio, Analyst

Case Study: Pixable Tracks and Monitors Facebook Metrics with Klipfolio

Company gets quicker and more granular data on Facebook traffic and ad spend with Klipfolio dashboards.

Topics: Case Study, Marketing, Klipfolio

Things that don’t scale can help you grow

Most companies generate revenues by selling both products and services.The ratio of these revenues may vary over time, but a CEO in a growth stage will constantly be on the lookout for ways to reduce the percentage of revenues that come from the services side. Product sales are scalable, while service sales are less so.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

The Most Important Formula in Klipfolio

There are four Functions in Klipfolio that you should understand, and master early on: SLICE, SELECT, GROUP/GROUPBY, and LOOKUP. These Data Manipulation Functions come together into what I will controversially call the single most important formula in Klipfolio.

Topics: Tips and Techniques, Data Visualization, Klipfolio, Analyst

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Net Promoter Score (NPS) & Customer Referral Rate (CRR)

Net Promoter Score can be a powerful KPI for your business if it incites action.

Topics: Tips and Techniques, Metrics and KPIs, Klipfolio

Why it’s a good idea to spend time in customer support

There is no better way to find out what your customers think than by spending some time in customer support. Your customers express their true feelings there. You can head off both short-term and long-term problems by listening carefully, diagnosing the real issues and taking preventative or restorative actions.

Topics: CEO, Marketing, Klipfolio, Analyst