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The Dashboard Journey Guide

For Everyone

Knowledge and best-practices for building best-in-class dashboards, and a guide to all things Klipfolio.


For Marketers

A Marketer’s guide to KPIs, metrics, and building crazy effective dashboards.


What does customer love have to do with it?

When we (our CMO, Mychelle, our digital marketer, Jon and myself) launched Klipfolio Insiders, our Influitive customer advocacy hub, we were excited, but not sure what to expect. Our customers tell us they love our product, but how would they react to a gamified experience?

So far we have not been disappointed!

Topics: Klipfolio

Cash is a tool. How I’m learning to spend to grow.

Managing a successful transition from survival mode to growth mode requires a change in attitude towards money and spending. It means spending to fuel growth – and getting used to being accountable for that spending.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

Why learning from your mistakes isn’t always a good thing

Looking for funding? I learned (the hard way) that it’s better to wait until you have a product that is worthy of investors’ confidence. Funding is not to help you survive, it’s to help you grow.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

Essential marketing metrics defined - Web traffic sources

Essential marketing metrics defined - Web traffic sources

In this blog series, I will be defining essential marketing metrics that every digital marketer needs to understand and track. This series is aimed at junior marketers, and, as such, I will be approaching the content from a 101 perspective. Throughout each post, I’ll provide practical, actionable advice and tips to help you better track your marketing metrics.

I want to start this series with a metric I use extensively: web traffic sources.

Topics: Metrics and KPIs, Marketing

How going out on a limb kick-started our growth

When we started Klipfolio in 2001, mobile was not part of the picture. So when we created our first product, we did what everyone did in those days: Customers would download it onto their computer. It seemed to work. Our software was selling. Then, our big break came.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

Using the new pictograph data visualization on your dashboard

The latest addition to the Klipfolio Dashboard is the pictograph component - a fun way to add visual impact to your dashboard by using symbols, patterns and custom images to help you represent quantities and percentages. From a dashboard design perspective, the pictograph provides a great way to communicate a simple, yet impactful message. The pictograph is particularly powerful displaying demographic content or ratings. Let’s look at some fun examples on the pictograph in action, including an example from a customer.

Topics: Tips and Techniques, Klipfolio

Faster, easier, and more fun… What $6.2-million in new financing will do

We have some very exciting news to share. Today we’re announcing the completion of a $6.2-million equity financing round, led by OMERS Ventures, which closed earlier this month.

Topics: CEO, News and Events, Klipfolio

Welcome to our new blog, The Dashboard Journey Guide for Marketers

Introducing the Dashboard Journey Guide for Marketer's. In this inaugural post, Klipfolio CMO Mychelle Mollot gives a preview of the type of content you can expect on this journey.

Topics: News and Events, Marketing

5 dashboard design tips from the experts

How much thought you put into your dashboard’s design is directly proportional to its effectiveness as a business tool. Dashboard designers don’t just lay out the initial prototype; they continuously tweak, iterate, and evolve their original design. In this blog post, we look at 5 pieces of advice from dashboard design experts.

Topics: Dashboard Design, Data Visualization, Klipfolio, Analyst

Q4 2014 Klipfolio Dashboard Release Roundup

2014 was a watershed year for Klipfolio (check out our year in review page), and, with respect to Klipfolio Dashboard, we're happy to say that we finished the year with a productive 4th Quarter. We've made a number of enhancements to user experience, made it easier to create dashboards using common services, and made key investments in infrastructure. Check out the changes.

Topics: News and Events, Klipfolio