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Why startups should think twice about business incubators

Business incubators are not always a good idea. Young entrepreneurs need advice and guidance, not just office space, phone and Internet. Incubators can also set startups on the road to financing too early in the process and distract them from the much more important tasks of refining their product and figuring out their market. There are other options that can provide equal or better value.

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Why is a business dashboard company building a Super Bowl dashboard?

A lot of us at the office like football. We know a lot of people outside our office also like football, and will be watching the “big game”. So we decided to mobilize our software to build the ULTIMATE real-time “Big Game Dashboard”, complete with pre-game, in-game and post game stats, fan and media commentary, fun facts, betting lines, and social sentiment surrounding the half-time show and commercial ads.

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New Klips for Quickbooks Online

You know what they say, there are just three types of accountants: those who can count and those who can't. Whether you are an accountant, CEO, or small business owner, you are going to love using these 11 new Quickbooks Klips to track performance and get the insights that you need to grow your business.

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Dashboard Design Mistake #6: Forcing users to do the math

This blog is the sixth (and last) in a series on common dashboard design mistakes - and how to avoid them. Today’s issue focuses on a very common mistake, dashboards that force users to do calculations in their head to get what they really need, and highlights what could be called the “You’ve got to be kidding - this is way too much effort” problem. The solution... well, do the math for them.

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How the surging U.S. dollar is changing the tech landscape in Canada – and what to do about it

Over the last few months, the Canadian dollar has fallen dramatically in relation to its American counterpart. There are both pros and cons to that drop. Tech firms need to be aware of what those effects are, because they have the potential to change the Canadian technology landscape. There are three important things to watch for as we learn to deal with a low Canadian dollar.

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Where do you want to be X years from now?

As companies mature, they must think more about the longer term. Developing a strategic plan is an essential process for preparing an organization for the future. Strategic planning requires the ability to take a step back and look at the big picture. CEOs are best positioned to take the lead because of the experience and insights they have gained during a company’s formative years.

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New Klips for HubSpot

Did you know that The Magnificent Seven was inspired by the film Seven Samurai? Well the 7 magnificent Klips that we released last week should inspire you to create an amazing HubSpot dashboard. These new Klips are an addition to the 6 HubSpot Klips already in the Gallery.

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Why hiring an in-house lawyer was the right thing to do

Every company, as it grows, has to make certain hires. We’ve grown to the point where it was necessary for us to hire an in-house lawyer. She now comes in one day a week to assist the business. There are good reasons to do this, reasons that extend beyond just making sure all our legal documents are consistent, clean, fair and binding. Having our legal affairs in order will make it easier if and when we decide to go for another round of financing.

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Providing a Meaningful Financial Dashboard Outside of Excel

Sharing key financial metrics with stakeholders is an important part of my role as a Controller. Sharing information is not the challenge but sharing information in a way that is meaningful can be a challenge. Here's how Klipfolio can help to provide meaningful financial dashboards outside of excel.

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My New Year’s resolutions are external. Here’s why.

A few weeks ago, I went to Boston to speak with investors. I took advantage of my visit there to meet with two customers located in the Boston area. That meeting was a revelation. In fact, it proved so valuable that it made me realize that I’ve been spending way too much time at the office lately. As we begin 2016, I’ve resolved to change my ways. There is much to gain – and much to lose if I don’t.

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