Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs

A list of the key digital marketing metrics every business should track

Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure and track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Digital marketing teams use a number of tools to promote their services and products, and tracking the results can often be time consuming and difficult. By creating specific digital marketing KPIs, it’s easy to determine targets and goals and measure performance based on those values.

Digital Marketing Metrics and KPI Examples

Digital Marketing KPI | Returning Visitor Metric

Returning Visitor Metric

How effective is your website at building an audience? This digital marketing metric tracks effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing KPI | First Visit Metric

First Visit Metric

Understand how people are finding your website and how engaged they are on their first visit. The First Visit Metric helps marketers identify which traffic sources are driving the most visits and leads.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Metric

Track how people are hearing about your brand on social media and search engines. This digital marketing KPI is designed to track changes in online brand awareness.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Return on Marketing Investment

Return on Marketing Investment

Measure the ability of marketing campaigns to generate new revenue.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Incremental Sales KPI

Incremental Sales

Measures how effective your marketing campaigns are at generating increased revenue and sales. This marketing KPI highlights the importance of the relationship between marketing and sales for your organization.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Web Traffic Sources Metrics

Web Traffic Sources

Measure where your website traffic comes from and provides a comparison of major traffic sources such as Search, Direct, and Referral. This metric gives marketers insight on how to better invest in site content, advertising, or other ways of driving website visits.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Purchase Funnel

Purchase Funnel

Measures and analyzes how your audience moves through a campaign from one step to the next. It explores how your customers come to discover your product or brand by analyzing conversion rates from each stage of the funnel.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  Newsletter Signup Conversion Rate

Newsletter Signup Conversion Rate

Measures how many users visit your website and signup for your newsletter. This metric is instrumental in measuring your ability to convert website visitors into known leads.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  Website Traffic Lead Ratio

Website Traffic Lead Ratio

Measure how many of your website visitors convert to leads. The website traffic to lead ratio informs digital marketers on the quality of traffic they are driving to their website.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Sessions by Device Type

Sessions by Device Type

How your customers and prospects are searching for an accessing your website can greatly influence how you design your web pages.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Online Conversions Metric

Online Conversions Metric

Examines how effective you are at converting your online audience traffic into paying customers. This digital marketing KPI is perfect for monitoring conversion rates and keeping your marketing goals in sight.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Average Lead Score

Average Lead Score

Measures the quality of an inbound lead based on predetermined criteria and targets.Lead score takes into account lead behaviour, activity, and demographics.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  External Links

External Website Links

Measures the number of external links to a website. External links to your website increase your SEO; this is incredibly important for any company which relies on inbound traffic to generate business.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

A measure of a customer base’s willingness to promote a product or service to colleagues and friends. Consumers are most influenced by their peer group so having a high net promoter score is an essential marketing objective.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  Keyword Performance

Keyword Performance

Measures the performance of SEO campaigns using a variety of criteria such as goal completion rate, click through rate and keyword ranking. Keyword rankings are a leading indicator for organic search traffic.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  End Action Rate

End Action Rate

Measures the last action your audience takes as a result of participating in one of your marketing campaigns. The metric provides digital marketers actionable data about campaign performance.

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Digital Marketing KPI |  Cost per Lead

Cost Per Lead

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at generating leads for each dollar spent on that campaign. The focus of this KPI is to provide your team with a value so they can determine the ROI of digital advertising campaigns and other lead generation efforts.

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Digital Marketing KPI | Goal Completion Rate KPI

Goal Completion Rate

Measure the success of campaigns or websites at reaching a target audience and prompting them to complete a positive action. This metric can be paired with website traffic lead ratio to dive deeper into the quality of leads coming to your website.

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Tracking Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs on a Dashboard

Tracking digital marketing metrics and KPIs gives your marketing team a real-time view into campaign performance. Using a dashboard to display your digital marketing analytics can help your team take make more data driven decision and help the business grow.