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Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure and track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Digital marketing teams use a number of tools to promote their services and products, and tracking the results can often be time consuming and difficult. By creating specific digital marketing KPIs and tracking them on a dashboard, it’s easy to determine targets and goals and measure performance based on those values.

Scroll down further to get inspiration of other top digital marketing metrics you and your team can consider to start tracking today to measure your online performance.

Digital Marketing Metrics and KPI Examples

Digital Marketing KPI | Returning Visitor Metric

Returning Visitor Metric

How effective is your website at building an audience?

Digital Marketing KPI | First Visit Metric

First Visit Metric

Understand how people are finding your website and how engaged they are on their first visit.

Digital Marketing KPI | Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Metric

Track how people are hearing about your brand on social media and search engines.

Tracking Marketing Return on Investment

Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)

Measure the ability of marketing campaigns to generate new revenue.

Digital Marketing KPI | Incremental Sales KPI

Incremental Sales

Demonstrate how your marketing campaigns are resulting in increased sales revenue.

Digital Marketing KPI | Web Traffic Sources Metrics

Web Traffic Sources

Understand which traffic sources are driving visitors to your website.

Digital Marketing KPI | Purchase Funnel

Purchase Funnel

Understand your customer acquisition process from awareness to purchase.

Digital Marketing KPI | Total Visits

Total Visits

Measure the amount of users that have visited your site or page.

Digital Marketing KPI | Customer Attrition

Customer Attrition

Measure the rate at which your company loses customers over time.

Digital Marketing KPI | Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Measure the amount of gross profit that is generated from a customer over the entire time they do business with a company.

Digital Marketing KPI | Lifetime Value:Customer Acquisition Cost

Lifetime Value: Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC)

Measure the relationship between the lifetime value of a customer and the cost of acquiring that customer.

Digital Marketing KPI | Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Measure to total amount of capital it costs to gain a new customer.

Digital Marketing KPI | Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Measure how often your site on an SERP prompts users to click and navigate to your page.

Digital Marketing KPI | Response Rate

Response Rate

Measure the total number of customers who respond back to your company’s communication efforts.

Digital Marketing KPI | Funnel Conversion Rate

Funnel Conversion Rate

Measure the rate of which leads move through the marketing funnel.

Digital Marketing KPI | Marketing Originated Customers

Marketing Originated Customers

Measure the total share of all customers that come directly from marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing KPI | Content Downloads

Content Downloads

Measure the total number of pieces of content that have been downloaded.

Digital Marketing KPI | Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors

Measure the total number of unique individuals that view your website.

Digital Marketing KPI | Pageviews per Session

Pageviews per Session

Measure the average number of pages a user views during a single session.

Digital Marketing KPI | Cost per Action

Cost per Action (CPA)

Measure the amount of money put towards driving conversions.

Digital Marketing KPI | Customer Share by Category

Customer Share by Category

Measure the number of customers that come from a specified category, such as Region, Industry, or Company Size.

Digital Marketing KPI | Dormancy Rate

Dormancy Rate

Measure the number of customers that are not using your product in a given time period.

Digital Marketing KPI | New Leads Generated

New Leads Generated

Measure the number of new leads that have been added to your system during a specified time period.

Digital Marketing KPI | Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic

Measure the volume of traffic that are directed to your site from outside sources.

Digital Marketing KPI | Web Traffic Concentration

Web Traffic Concentration

Measure the ratio of site visitors on a specific page, in comparison to total site visitors.

Digital Marketing KPI | Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Measure the number of visitors that arrive at your site and leave without navigating to any other page on your site.

Digital Marketing KPI |  Lead Conversion Rate

Lead Conversion Rate

Measure the amount of leads that are converted into sales.

Digital Marketing KPI |  Newsletter Signup Conversion Rate

Newsletter Signup Conversion Rate

Measure how many users visit your website and signup for your newsletter.

Digital Marketing KPI |  Website Traffic Lead Ratio

Website Traffic Lead Ratio

Measure how many of your website visitors convert to leads.

Digital Marketing KPI | Sessions by Device Type

Sessions by Device Type

See what devices your website traffic is using for the time period of your choice.

Digital Marketing KPI | Online Conversions Metric

Online Conversions Metric

How well does your online audience convert into paying customers?

Digital Marketing KPI | Average Lead Score

Average Lead Score

Measure the Quality of Marketing and Sales Leads

Digital Marketing KPI |  External Links

External Website Links

Improve Your Website Rankings and Traffic Volume by Monitoring External Links

Digital Marketing KPI | Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

Measure Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Digital Marketing KPI |  Keyword Performance

Keyword Performance

Measure keyword rankings to understand how effective your SEO efforts are at driving traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing KPI |  End Action Rate

End Action Rate

Measure how effective marketing campaigns are by monitoring the last action taken by your audience.

Digital Marketing KPI |  Cost per Lead

Cost Per Lead

Measure the cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing KPI | Goal Completion Rate KPI

Goal Completion Rate

Measure how effective your campaigns are at prompting your audience to complete a goal.

Tracking Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs on a Dashboard

Tracking digital marketing metrics and KPIs gives your marketing team a real-time view into campaign performance. Using a dashboard to display your digital marketing analytics can help your team take make more data driven decision and help the business grow.

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