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5 Killer Content Marketing Opportunities I’ll Bet You’re Missing (We Were Too)

Ever feel like your content marketing is as good as it's going to get? We did. Then we were shown what we were missing.

Here I’ll tell you the story of how our small digital marketing team went from thinking we were nailing content marketing, to realizing that we were out to lunch and missing some BIG content marketing opportunities, to taking advantage of those opportunities. And I’ll show you 5 ways we’re now tracking our content marketing, to improve our performance.

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Four critical things entrepreneurs need to know about startup funding

This is the second in a series of postings on what startups need to know about VCs – venture capitalists. I want to share what I’ve learned about how VCs work and what questions young entrepreneurs need to be asking. Last time, I took a look at what VCs and angel investors are and how they operate. In this posting, I give my insights about what entrepreneurs need to know before they look for startup funding.

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How to connect your YouTube channel to your Google Analytics account

What if you could track web analytics data associated with your YouTube account just like any other website? Well, if you have a branded channel, it's easy to integrate your Google Analytics and YouTube account. Here's a short walkthrough to get you started.

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Six things startups need to know about venture capitalists

There are several ways for startups to raise money. One is to appeal to VCs – venture capitalists. Today, I’m kicking off a series of postings on what startups need to know about VCs. I want to share what I’ve learned about how VCs work and what questions young entrepreneurs need to be asking. First: What a VC is, and how they work.

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Seasonality in a SaaS startup: How to fight summer slowdown

Do things slow down during the summer? For many businesses – yes. But that doesn’t mean yours should. Entrepreneurs need to take the time to learn about their business, understand its cycles – and then see what they can do to take advantage of them. Here’s what we did this summer.

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12 must-have metrics to fuel your sales analytics

Don’t know which metrics to use to monitor your sales analytics? Well, not to fear, we have you covered! This blog will do a deep dive into the most important sales analytics that you should have on your sales dashboard. The 12 metrics I’ve selected give you the real-time and actionable data you need to empower your sales team.

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How to get the most out of your data with the right dashboard display

There are a number of ways to display dashboards in an office, however not all may be ideal for your team. The following are some of the ways to implement dashboard display in your office, along with some things to consider to choose the right display for you.

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Using UpContent to enhance your content marketing dashboard

Consistent, quality content can make your social channels the go-to source for trusted, reliable information and position your brand as a thought-leader. UpContent is a content discovery tool. Not only does UpContent save you time by streamlining your content search and curation process, but their unique algorithm ensures that you’re only pulling articles and blogs that rank high for social influence and relevance.

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10 must-have search marketing metrics

Digital marketers are constantly trying to increase their company’s SEO visibility, and it can be difficult to manage, analyze, and implement the right content and data to do this. Here you will find a multitude of metrics that will help you build out a sleek search marketing dashboard.

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How corporate digital signage is improving communication in the workplace

If you’ve ever ordered a meal from a fast food restaurant, chances are you’ve chosen your meal from a shiny digital signage menu board hanging above the cash. We’re seeing digital signage pop-up in more and more places as the capabilities of signage software grow and costs decrease. As an easy, effective way to share a message with an audience, many institutions are leveraging its reach. It’s being used by everyone from elementary schools, to banks, and we’re seeing more and more digital signage in corporate offices.

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