The PowerMetrics AI experience - Learn why metrics provide rich context for better AI

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Metrics provide rich context for better AI: Introducing the new PowerMetrics AI experience

By David MennieJune 21, 2024


PowerMetrics - New data warehouse integrations and Cube semantic layer support

By David MennieJune 14, 2024

Eyeful Klipfolio Casestudy

Partner Case Study: Eyeful

By Cathrin SchneiderMay 21, 2024

Projectbooth Klipfolio Casestudy

Partner Case Study: The Project Booth

By Cathrin SchneiderApril 11, 2024

Six Trends Data Analytics 2024

Top Six Data and Analytics Trends – 2024

By Allan Wille, Co-FounderDecember 11, 2023

Klipfolio Powermetrics Dbt Semantic Layer

Maximizing Business Insights: The Power of dbt’s Semantic Layer with Klipfolio PowerMetrics

By Jeroen VisserNovember 27, 2023

Powermetrics Integrates Dbt Semantic Layer

Unlocking the Value of Metrics for Everyone: Introducing PowerMetrics + revamped dbt Semantic Layer

By David MennieOctober 17, 2023

New Metric Hq Header Image

Promoting data literacy with and the power of AI

By Allan Wille, Co-FounderOctober 12, 2023

Building a Better Self Serve Analytics Future

Let’s fix analytics so we can stop asking you for dashboards

By Cathrin SchneiderSeptember 11, 2023

Metrics Are the Key to Decision Making

Why metrics are the key to confident decision making

By Graham WattsJuly 31, 2023

What Is Metric Centric Bi

Metric-centric analytics - What it is and why it matters

By Cathrin SchneiderJuly 12, 2023

First Metric Centric Bi Solution

PowerMetrics - The first Metric-Centric BI solution

By David MennieJune 27, 2023

Powermetrics Metric Centric Bi

Our metric-centric product vision – Business Intelligence ahead of its time

By Allan Wille, Co-FounderJune 21, 2023

Google Analytics 4 Dashboard with Klipfolio Klips

How to Build Google Analytics 4 Dashboards in Klips

By Jonathan TaylorJune 6, 2023

Hero Dash

How to use the Google Analytics 4 Query Explorer to export data

By Jonathan TaylorJune 1, 2023


Secure and accessible dashboards for your extended team

By David MennieApril 25, 2023

Metric Hq

Unlock Data-Driven Decisions with ChatGPT & MetricHQ

By Nicolas VenneApril 3, 2023


You've spoken and we've heard you - The re-launch of Klipfolio Desktop

By Parker SelmanApril 1, 2023

GA4 web metrics in PowerMetrics

Guide to migrating your digital marketing dashboards to Google Analytics 4

By Jonathan TaylorFebruary 13, 2023

Data Feeds + Live Preview header image

Live Data, Live Preview

By David MennieDecember 5, 2022

Power Metrics Homepage Explorer

The Power of Data Exploration

By David MennieOctober 24, 2022

How to Write a Kpi 4 Steps

How to write KPIs in 4 steps

By Emily HaywardOctober 3, 2022

How to Custom Metrics Powermetrics

How to: Create custom metrics in PowerMetrics

By Emily HaywardJuly 19, 2022

Stripe Blog Cover

Introducing: PowerMetrics for the Stripe App Marketplace

By Emily HaywardJuly 11, 2022