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KPI Examples - Social Media

What are social media metrics and KPIs?

Social media metrics and KPIs are values used by digital marketing and social media marketers to measure the performance of social media campaigns.

Social media marketing is a multi-channel strategy. Marketing teams use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to share content. Multi-channel marketing can make it challenging to track the success of your campaigns, since the results are spread across multiple accounts. To maximize your marketing efforts, it’s important to understand your social media performance by tracking your metrics and KPIs on a social media dashboard.

Why do I need a social media metrics and KPIs dashboard?

A social media dashboard allows marketers to monitor performance across social platforms and gather the necessary insights and information about how users are engaging with your brand on social media.

Collecting and analyzing your social media metrics and KPIs allows marketing teams to identify areas of improvement, plan strategic campaigns, and engage with users in a meaningful way. When you track your content engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, and comments, you have insight into whether or not your audience is engaging with your message, and if their engagement has a positive impact on your marketing campaign.

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Social media metrics and KPI examples

Social Media Metric | Twitter Engagement Metrics

Twitter Engagement Metrics

Understand which tweets are most effective in your campaigns.

Social Media Metric  | Twitter Followers Metric

Twitter Followers Metric

Understand the effectiveness of your company’s Twitter page.

Social Media Metric | Facebook Page Like Metric

Facebook Page Like Metric

Understand the effectiveness of your company’s Facebook page.

Social Media Metric | People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

Understand how people are engaging with your page.

KPI Facebook Engagement Metrics | Page Impressions

Facebook Engagement Metrics

Are you connecting with your audience on Facebook? Track your Facebook engagement metrics on a dashboard to measure the impact of your brand messaging and value.

Social Media Metric | Key Social Metrics

Key Social Metrics

How effective is your website at building an audience?

Social Media KPI | Social Followers vs Target

Followers Growth KPI

Track your follower growth against your goals on a social media dashboard

Social Media KPI | Social Events

Social Events

Monitor events on your social stream to nurture engagement and grow your audience.

Social Media KPI | Social Traffic and Conversions

Social Traffic and Conversions

The effectiveness of social media campaigns at generating website traffic and goal conversions.

Social Media Metric | Social Shares

Social Shares

Measure the amount of times your content has been shared on social media platforms.

Social Media Metric | Social Followers

Social Followers

Measure the total number of users that are following your account on social media platforms.

Social Media Metric | YouTube Channel Subscribers

YouTube Channel Subscribers

Measure the number of YouTube accounts are following your posts and are receiving your channel updates.

Social Media Metric | Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Measure the amount of Instagram users are following your account.

Social Media Metric | Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes

Measure the total number of Facebook users that like your company page.

Social Media KPI | Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Make sure your message is reaching the right audience by measuring your Facebook Ads campaign performance for the date range of your choice.

Social Media KPI | Facebook Ads CPM and CPP

Facebook Ads: CPM and CPP

Track your Facebook Ads cost per impressions and cost per thousand to understand your ad performance and make smart, data-driven advertising decisions.

Social Media KPI Metric | Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach

Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach

Compare your Facebook Ads impressions with reach over the past 7 days.

Social Media KPI Metric | Facebook Ads Todays Summary

Facebook Ads Today's Summary

Drill down into today's campaign metrics and monitor your Facebook Ads objectives.

Marketing Metric | Social Sentiment

Social Sentiment

Brand Perceptions and Brand Equity.

Social Media KPI | Social Visits and Leads

Social Visits and Leads

The effectiveness of social campaigns at driving visitors and leads to your website.

Social Media KPI | New Followers

New Followers

How many social media followers are your campaigns attracting?

Social Media KPI | Facebook Page Demographics

Facebook Page Demographics

Understand the the makeup of your audience.

Marketing KPI | Social Interactions Metrics

Social Interactions

Measure the engagement levels of your social media campaigns

How do you measure social media ROI?

Return on marketing investment, or ROMI, is a monetary measure to gauge the success of your marketing campaigns. Track your return on marketing investment alongside your social media marketing metrics on a dashboard. Dashboards bring all of your important data together in one place. Monitor your social media campaigns, track the metrics that allow you to analyze your performance, identify trends, and make real-time decisions based on the results.

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