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Guide to Business Dashboards

Business dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide your team with real-time visibility of your performance.

4 Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Watching Carefully (How to)

Here I’ll tell you about some of the most valuable content marketing metrics and insights we’re tracking, and how.

Build the ultimate project management dashboard

As a project manager you are responsible to keep things on track. Learn how the top rated data visualization tool helps 1,000s of data-driven leaders.

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KPI Examples

Take a look at the departmental KPI examples and learn more about the KPIs you should be measuring

Dashboard Examples

Tell the story of your performance with the right business dashboard

Live Dashboard Examples

View interactive sample dashboards for departments, services, and special topics

Case Studies

Not sure Klipfolio dashboard is right for you? Take a look at our Case Studies to see how companies are using Klipfolio to save them time and money.

Klipfolio Videos

Want to become a Klipfolio expert? We've created some great video resources to help you build powerful, real-time dashboards. Check them out!

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Learn how to set up data sources, build Klips, customize visualizations and much more with our guides and knowledge base.


Use the Klipfolio Dashboard API to manage users, groups, data sources and much more.


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