Facebook Ads: CPM and CPP Metric

Track your Facebook Ads cost per impressions and cost per thousand to understand your ad performance and make smart, data-driven advertising decisions.

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Social Media KPI Example - Facebook Ads: CPM and CPP Metric

What is cost-per-thousand (CPM)?

Facebook Ads CPM measures the cost per 1,000 impressionism or the average cost for 1,000 impressions on your ad.

What is cost-per-pixel (CPP)?

Facebook CPP measures the cost per pixel. While the pixel is free, you are charged for each conversion from the pixel. The Facebook pixel is a snippet of code that tracks users who have visited your website. The Facebook pixel allows you to re-target those website visitors with targeted offers or discounts based on the specific web pages they have visited.

What is the Facebook Ads CPM and CPP metric?

The Facebook Ads CPM and CPP metric allows you to compare your cost per impressions and cost per 1,000 people reached over a specified time period (7 days, 28 days, 12 months, etc).

This metric is important for social media marketers because it allows you to monitor your advertising spend and conversion rates on your digital marketing activities.

What is the average CPM on Facebook?

In 2021, the average CPM across all industries was $11.54. This is a good benchmark for your digital marketing activities on Facebook.

How do I monitor Facebook Ads CPM and CPP?

Track your Facebook Ads cost-per-thousand and cost-per-pixel on a dashboard. Establish your benchmarks and KPIs for your Facebook Ads campaigns, and monitor them (and other social media KPIs) on your social media dashboard.

When you CPM and CPP on a Facebook Ads dashboard, you can easily identify trends and areas of improvement in your advertising strategy.

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