Build a Facebook Ads dashboard with PowerMetrics

Create a Facebook Ads dashboard to monitor your paid social media marketing metrics and KPIs.

Track your Facebook Ads performance on a dashboard

Connect your Facebook Ads account to PowerMetrics and create a dashboard to track your ad performance and return on investment.

Choose from our pre-built Facebook Ads metrics to track your engagement and performance metrics or build custom metrics using a modelled data source. From your dashboard, you can track ad spend, click-through rate, or cost-per-click at a refresh rate that works for you.

Facebook Ads Metrics | Ad Spend

Ad Spend

Ad Spend is the amount of money spent on specific ad variations within a specific campaign or ad set.

Facebook Ads Metrics | Ad Impressions

Ad Impressions

Ad Impressions (IMPR) is a count of the total number of times digital advertisements display on someone’s screen within the publisher's network.

Facebook Ads Metrics | Cost per Click

Cost per Click

Cost per Click (CPC) is the price an advertiser pays a publisher for each click on a link.

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Why do I need a Facebook Ads dashboard?

  • Visualize your Facebook advertising metrics and KPIs. Modify the colours, add comparison values, or filter and segment the data on a dashboard that tracks your progress against your goals.
  • Combine your Facebook Ads metrics with LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, and Instagram on one dashboard and get a full-picture of your social media advertising performance.

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