Marketing Dashboards

Examples for social media, SEO, web analytics, PPC, content marketing, and more

Data-driven marketing that delivers results.

Marketing occupies a fascinating position at the intersection of art and science. Modern marketers reconcile these qualities by meticulously measuring the results of their campaign to see how well they connect with their audience. These marketing dashboard examples demonstrate some of the data, metrics, and KPIs marketers use to measure their performance.

Digital Marketing Dashboard | Marketing Dashboard Examples

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital marketers need to track metrics across channels like lead generation, website, email, advertising, and social media.

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Marketing Dashboard Examples | Marketing Performance Dashboard

Marketing Performance Dashboard

This marketing dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth view of the conversion funnel to help inform marketing decision makings and campaign spend.

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eCommerce Marketing Dashboard Example

eCommerce Marketing Dashboard

Ecommerce businesses are a fantastic use case for dashboards because with the vast majority of the business being digital, there is an open opportunity to leverage the power of this data and a great need to do it in a way that connects all the moving parts of the business.

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Dashboard Example | SEO Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

An SEO Dashboard is a one stop shop for all your web analytics data. An SEO dashboard is a central meeting place for all these data sources so that digital marketers can get a full understanding of SEO performance from a number of perspectives through metrics.

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Online Marketing Dashboard | Marketing Dashboard Examples

Online Marketing Dashboard

This online marketing dashboard provides an example of how digital marketing managers are tracking their marketing metrics.

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