Dashboard Examples

Marketing Dashboards

Use marketing dashboards to strengthen your marketing strategy and make decisions with confidence.

Why use marketing dashboards?

Successful marketing campaigns understand and respond to your customer’s needs. Gain deep insight into the minds of your potential customers by displaying real-time information about user behavior, ad campaign success, content ranking, and much more. A marketing dashboard is your key to creating a successful marketing strategy that is based on the real-time insights that you unlock from large volumes of data.

What is a marketing dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is a reporting tool that displays marketing analytics, KPIs, and metrics using data visualizations. Marketing dashboards are designed to provide teams with instant and continuous visibility into marketing performance. At its core, a marketing dashboard answers the question, "How are we performing right now?"

Marketing dashboards are designed for continuous monitoring and broad distribution. Like the dashboard in a car, a marketing dashboard gives your team an in-depth look at what’s going on "under the hood". This type of visibility allows for frequent and timely course corrections in contrast to a monthly or quarterly reporting cadence.

Marketing Dashboards and Reports

This section provides examples of marketing dashboards and reports used to track social media, advertising, email, SEO, website, and demand generation programs.

Top Marketing Metrics for Data Driven Leaders

Here are the most popular metrics tracked by marketers:

  • Leads
  • MQLs
  • SQLs
  • Opportunities
  • Won Customers
  • Page Views
  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Session Duration
  • Goal Completion Rate
  • Cost per Click
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Return on Ad Spend

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