CMO Marketing Dashboard



When designing your own CMO dashboard, also consider adding the return on marketing investment metric. This metric measures how much revenue a marketing campaign is generating compared to the cost of running that campaign.

Here are the key points for this CMO marketing dashboard example:

  • Your essential marketing metrics updated in real-time, and accessible any time you have a question.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with a clear, succinct dashboard displayed on a wall-mounted television in your office.
  • Combine data from all your marketing sources to get at-a-glance insight about your campaign performance.

Track your marketing metrics for free

Rock-solid metrics without the cost & complexity of traditional BI.


The CMO dashboard provides an overview of all marketing services, from social media and email to web performance and lead generation. The dashboard answers, at-a-glance, the question, "How are we performing?" This requires pulling together metrics from multiple sources to weave together a complete story of your marketing performance. By displaying this information on a CMO dashboard, you also provide executives with the ability to check in to daily performance and enable them to influence campaigns as they are executed, rather than providing a campaign summary when it's too late to influence the outcome.





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