Custom dashboards for you and your team

Use powerful formulas, functions, and data modeling to create highly customizable and pixel-perfect dashboards and reports.

Customize and automate your reports

Build custom dashboards and reports for you and your team to measure, track, and share their data. Choose from a sample dashboard in the Klip gallery or flex your technical chops to incorporate your company’s brand and custom themes to leave a lasting impression.

Customize the dashboard theme with CSS
Add a pre-built data visualization from the Klip Gallery
Choose a visualization type
Apply Filters

Discover over +100 pre-built Klip templates and +10 Dashboard Templates

Find the right solution for your needs

Save time by fully customizing and automating your reporting. Create a template and deliver accurate and consistent reports every time. Configure data sources once and automate your output so you or your stakeholders can make efficient business decisions.

Connect data in the way that works for you

Upload an Excel file, import data with our SQL connector, use pre-built REST/URL connectors, or update via email for automatic data input. Whichever method you use to connect your data, rest assured it’s safe and secure with us.

Unrivaled reporting for real-time decision making

Trust that your and your team members’ reports have the most up-to-date data when they log in. Share Klips reports via view-only links, PDFs, scheduled emails, or Slack messages or display Klips dashboards on TV screens throughout the office to encourage a data-driven culture.

Visualize even the most complex data

Klips allows you to explore the art and science of data visualization. Use the data modeler to transform complex file formats in accessible tabular data. Use the versatile Klips Editor to create beautiful data visualizations that bring the numbers and formulas to life.

Discover the power of Klips for you and your team.

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