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SaaS Dashboards

Use dashboards to track SaaS metrics for each team in your business

Rock-solid metrics without the cost & complexity of traditional BI.

Why use SaaS dashboards?

Successful SaaS businesses have one trait in common: they are hyper aware of their SaaS metrics and KPIs. Metrics – including recurring revenue, lifetime customer value, cost to acquire customers, and net retention – are top of mind for SaaS founders and executives. SaaS Dashboards empower businesses by providing a real-time window into their metrics.

What is a SaaS dashboard?

SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses operate in a fiercely competitive market. A SaaS dashboard organizes key SaaS metrics from sales, marketing, finance, support, and development teams to give executives a bird’s-eye view of the business.

How to use Saas Dashboard examples

Each team in your SaaS business requires a different set of metrics to hit their objectives. The Growth Team is laser focused on MRR and account growth, while Success monitors customer retention. Use these dashboard examples to see how fast growing SaaS businesses are reporting on their performance.

SaaS Dashboard Examples | Executive Reporting Dashboard

SaaS Executive Dashboard

A dashboard for SaaS executives aims to provide visibility into business metrics that span all departments from marketing, sales and support to user experience, product, and finance.

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Dashboard Example | AB Test Dashboard

A/B Test Dashboard

A/B Test dashboards are great to measure whether variants in the product have made improvements or are actually to the detriment of the overall experience.

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UX Operations Dashboard

User Experience Dashboard

User interaction data comes from multiple locations, and a UX dashboard can help manage that. A UX dashboard pulls in data from Mixpanel, online surveys, Trello, Basecamp, etc. to view all your key performance data points on one dynamic page, saving you time to conquer the things that matter.

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SaaS Support Dashboard

Support Dashboard

A strong support team is the key to any SaaS company’s success. The support tickets dashboard consolidates all the activity of your support team so you can track customer challenges, support areas to improve efficiency and keep up with the demands of your clients.

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SaaS Growth Dashboard

SaaS Growth Dashboard

This is the go-to dashboard for any SaaS company. As a monitoring tool that consolidates all your account and MRR data, the dashboard lets you understand your business on a past, present and future scale.

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Customer Retention Dashboard | Dashboard Example

Customer Retention Dashboard

Build a retention dashboard to track key customer success metrics like retention, churn, cancellations, contractions, and expansions.

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SaaS Marketing Dashboard | Dashboard Examples

SaaS Marketing Dashboard

This SaaS marketing dashboard examines the performance of trial leads against a monthly, moving target, and provides some quick analysis of lead quality on a monthly and daily basis.

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SaaS metrics dashboard | Dashboard Example

SaaS Metrics Dashboard

This SaaS metrics dashboard provides an example of how startups are tracking the performance and growth of their business.

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