SaaS Executive Dashboard

Executives at SaaS companies and startups require visibility into metrics across the organization.

Saa S Executive Reporting Dashboard

What is a SaaS Executive dashboard?

The SaaS Executive Dashboard provides visibility into business metrics that span all departments from marketing, sales and support to user experience, product, and finance. The dashboard is eminently actionable; each SaaS metric displayed is in service of the question, "how are we performing right now?"

At the top of the executive dashboard are an array of key SaaS metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), average MRR per account, retention rate, and lead to win conversion rates. This SaaS dashboard in particular was designed with SaaS startups in mind, and, as such, each performance metric is compared to the startup's plan. Performance relative to the plan may have a big impact if and when a startup pitches to venture capitalists in hopes of getting a new round of funding.

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Saa S Executive Reporting Dashboard

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