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Sales metrics to help teams measure their performance

Modern sales teams are the driving force behind your business and key sales metrics are top of mind for everyone. Sales teams drive revenue. And revenue is often top of mind for the CEO, the board, shareholders, and employees.

Top performing sales teams are data-driven. Everything in sales is measurable. And the benefit to measuring your performance is that you can identify areas of improvement. Key sales metrics are a compass that keep you on course to achieving the results you and your business are looking for.

This top sales metrics and KPIs resource is designed to help sales professionals like you identify and track the best sales metrics with examples you can track on your own dashboards and reports.

What is a good sales KPI template?

It can be said that a good sales KPI template isn’t a visual example, but a process. To define your sales KPI template, take these three actions:

  1. Identify your business objective
  2. Set a departmental target to help achieve that objective
  3. Define your measurement process

For example, if your business objective is to bring in a total revenue of $1M this year, you need to set a sales target of $250K per quarter, and measure your closed won opportunities closely throughout the course of the year

Sales KPI Examples

Activated New Business Value

Activated New Business Value

Measure the value of all new business contracts within a specified period of time.

Adjusted Trial Rate.png

Adjusted Trial Rate

Measure and adjust the initial estimated trial rates to take into account company awareness and the total product distribution.

Average Profit Margin.png

Average Profit Margin

Measures the average profit generated from the sale of a specific service, product or product/service category.

Average Purchase Value.png

Average Purchase Value

Measure the average sales value of each transaction using this sales metric.

Baseline Sales

Baseline Sales

Measure the expected amount of sales that would take place without any marketing efforts.

Bookings Qtd

Sales Bookings

Measure the value of bookings over a specific time period.

Cannibalization Rate of New Product.png

Cannibalization rate in sales and marketing

Measure the rate at which new products and offerings impact sales for existing products.

Channel Margin

Channel Margin

Measure the margin achieved throughout operating sales channels.

Conversation to Appt Rate.png

Conversation to Appointment Rate

Measure the total amount of conversations that convert into an appointment, call, or consult for sales.

Coupon Conversion

Coupon Conversion

Measure the rate that customers use coupons.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Measure how effective your team is at gaining new customers during a specified time period.

First Appt to Sales Ratio.png

First Appointment-to-Sales Ratio

Monitor the number of sales appointments that move onto the next stage in the sales funnel.

Gross Margin Return on Investment

Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)

Measure the total revenue gained after covering the investment of making the sale.

Lead Gen by Agent.png

Leads Generated by Agents

Measure the number of leads generated by agent efforts.

Missed Sales Opportunities

Missed Sales Opportunities

Measure the number of opportunities that were not contacted and subsequently lost.

Sales Opportunities.png

Sales Opportunities

Organize prospects based on opportunity value and probability.

Orders Per Week

Order Frequency

Measure the average amount of orders coming in during a specific time period.

Orders Cancelled by Reason.png

Orders Cancelled by Reason

Measure the number of orders that have been cancelled due to a specific reason.

Percent Closing Ratio.png

Percent Closing Ratio

Measure how many sales proposals convert to completed sales.

Markdown Goods.png

% Markdown Goods

Measure the share of sales for products with markdowns out of the total product landscape.

Potential New Clients

Potential New Clients Contacted

Measure the number of new leads that were contacted with the aim to achieve a sale.

Potential Revenue in Sales Pipeline.png

Potential Revenue in the Sales Pipeline

Measure the potential revenue that could be gained with the volume in the sales funnel.

Product Line Profitability.png

Product-Line Profitability

Measure the total profit gained from a specific product line.

Top Products in Revenue

Product Performance

Rank products based on revenue performance.

Promotions Conducted

Promotions Conducted

Measure the total number of promotions that took place within a specified period of time.

Orders Per Month

Purchase Frequency

Measure the amount of times a user makes a purchase within a set time period.

Repeat Purchase Volume

Repeat Purchase Volume

Measure the amount of purchases made by repeat customers.

Repurchases Following Completion.png

Repurchases of Services Following Project Completion

Measure the impact of finishing a project has on a customer’s repurchasing behavior.

Revenue from New Products

Percent of Revenue from New Products

Measure the ratio of total revenue comes from the sales of new products.

Revenue from Top Customers.png

Revenue Gained from Top Customers

Measure the amount of revenue that is gained solely from your company’s top customers.

Sales Revenue Per Hour.png

Sales Revenue per Hour

Measure the total amount of revenue produced within the hour, on average.

Rev Per Successful Call.png

Revenue per Successful Call

Measure the total revenue received from a sales call

Revenue to Avg Market Revenue.png

Revenue to Average Market Sales Revenue Ratio

Measure the average revenue of your company compared to the average market revenue.

Sales by Contact Method.png

Sales by Contact Method

Monitor which contact methods are most effective at generating sales.

Revenue by Dept.png

Sales by Department

Measure the total sales revenue gained by each department.

Sales by Region.png

Sales by Region

Track the volume of sales for products around the world.

Quote to Close Ratio.png

Sales Closing Ratio

Measure the number of formal quotes sent compared to the number of deals closed.

Sales Conversion Rate.png

Sales Conversion Rate

Measure of the effectiveness of your sales team at converting leads into new customers.

Sales Cycle Duration.png

Sales Cycle Duration

Measure the length of time between the initiation of the sales process to the final sale is completed.

Sales Force Effectiveness.png

Sales Force Effectiveness

Measure sales agents’ and teams’ overall performance.

Sales Growth Ytd

Sales Growth Metrics and KPIs

Sales growth analysis is a core part of any business strategy and allows you to set and forecast realistic revenue objectives.

Sales Growth by Market Segment

Sales Growth by Market Segment

Measure the growth rate of different market segments during time periods.

Sales Orders Per Employee.png

Sales Orders Filled per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Measure the average amount of sales orders per employee.

Avg Orders Filled Per Day

Sales Orders Filled per unit Time

Measure the average amount of sales orders filled within a specific time period.

Sales Per Rep

Sales per Rep

Measure the performance of each of your sales reps or sales teams.

Sales Quota Attainment

Sales Quota Attainment

Measure the time period it takes for a specific sales quota to be achieved.

Sales Target 0.png

Sales Target

Measure and compare current sales to a target or past performance.

Unit Sales to Avg Market Sales.png

Unit Sales to Average Market Unit Sales

Measure the total share of the market that your company currently holds with their product.

Sales to Date.png


Measure the value of sales that have occurred within the specified time period.

Sales Turnover

Sales Turnover

Measure the total value of products or services that were sold or provided.

Sales Value Productivity.png

Sales Value Productivity

Measure the average value of sales achieved per sales agent.

Sell Through.png

Sell-Through Rate

Measure the amount of products sold in a month compared to the total inventory at the beginning of the month.

Selling Costs to Sales Ratio

Selling Costs to Sales Ratio

Measure the relationship between selling costs and the end value of the sale.

Selling Opportunity

Selling Opportunity

Measure the number of unique users that access your store or site.

Store Conversion Rate

Store Conversion Rate

Measure the amount of actual sales from the amount of customer traffic that have visited the store.

Successful to Unsuccessful Tenders

Successful to Unsuccessful Tenders

Measure the ratio of successful bids or offers to unsuccessful bids or offers.

Time to Break Even.png

Time to Break Even

Measure the amount of time between the launch of a new product, project, or full entity to when it will start making actual profit.

Trial Accounts

Trial Accounts

Measure the number of open trial accounts.

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