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Take a data-driven approach to your email marketing campaigns.

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Email marketing is an effective way to reach a large audience with your message; marketers today, however, have moved away from simply "blasting" their audience with a barrage emails, and are instead focusing on sharing engaging, relevant, and meaningful content.

To do this, marketers are taking a data-centric approach to email marketing by tracking metrics associated with each campaign to determine what content resonates with their audience, and what content needs to be rethought. Data-driven marketing doesn't just mean measuring and analyzing data; data-driven marketing uses data to show how marketing campaigns are contributing to the attainment of key business objectives, like new revenue. To that end, this email marketing dashboard combines email client data (sends, clicks, opens) with web analytics and CRM data (visitors, leads) to clearly demonstrate ROI.


This email marketing dashboard displays key metrics to demonstrate the performance and ROI of your email campaigns. By displaying metrics in real-time, this dashboard allows you to continuously improve your businesses email marketing campaigns.

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