Digital Marketing Dashboard

Reach your target audience by tracking top digital marketing metrics that measure your success.

What is a digital marketing dashboard?

A digital marketing dashboard measures the performance of your campaigns through lead generation metrics, conversion metrics, or web traffic metrics. Using a dashboard to monitor your digital marketing campaign lets you stay on track with your marketing goals and make adjustments to your strategy for areas of improvement.

How do you create a digital marketing dashboard?

List the services and platforms you use to execute and monitor your digital marketing campaigns and choose your top metrics from each platform to include in your dashboard. Then, decide the frequency of your data refresh based on your goals. For example, if you use HubSpot for customer relationship management, you may decide to track MQLs, SQLs, and Won Customers on a weekly basis in your dashboard.


Use digital marketing dashboards to track the performance of your online marketing activities. Monitor in real-time how your efforts and campaigns are contributing to the sales funnel.

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