Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital marketers need to track metrics across channels like lead generation, website, email, advertising, and social media

This digital marketing dashboard provides an example of how marketers are tracking the performance of their online marketing activities. While digital marketing activities span multiple channels, this dashboard focuses on lead generation stats and showing progress towards monthly goals. This dashboard is designed to be representative of what a digital marketing manager or director would use to monitor performance on a continuous basis. The metrics displayed have been selected to inform a wide audience which may span from digital marketing specialists to marketing executives.

The key to this digital marketing dashboard is that it clearly shows progress towards daily and monthly goals using bullet charts. The coloured portion of the chart shows the most recent numbers, the gray shaded area the daily goal, and the black line the monthly goal. As new results come in, the digital marketing team can see where they are performing well and where they need to focus additional resources.

Lead generation metrics

The success of a digital marketing team is often evaluated by the number of leads generated. This dashboard accounts for this by providing a clear view into lead targets and current performance, and by providing insight into the performance of lead generation programs. For instance, this example is based on a SaaS company that uses a free trial as a lead generation tool. Since trial leads generally denote a higher quality of lead, the dashboard compares the number of trial leads against the number of non trial leads. Alone, this metric doesn't provide adequate insight, which is where the "Today's Leads by Program" plays a key role.

Web analytics metrics

One of the most pivotal digital marketing strategies is to develop a strong website to serve as the central hub of digital activities like email, social media, advertising, and organic search. This dashboard uses the "Web Traffic Targets" metric to understand how effective each channel is at driving visitors to the website, how engaged those visitors are, and how many visitors convert into leads. Each channel also has a defined target for the month to encourage teams within a digital marketing department to improve performance.


Use this dashboard to track the performance of your online marketing activities. Monitor in real-time how your efforts and campaigns are contributing to the sales funnel.

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