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SEO Analytics Dashboard

Tracking search metrics and KPIs allows your marketing team to analyze SEO efforts.

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Marketing Dashboards Example - SEO Analytics Dashboard

What is an SEO Dashboard?

The SEO Dashboard is a central interface providing a comprehensive overview of critical data points related to your website's search engine optimization (SEO) performance. From keyword rankings and backlink profiles to organic traffic and conversion rates, an SEO Dashboard helps track, analyze, and optimize your website's visibility on search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or webpage through organic (“natural” or unpaid) search engine results. The objective of SEO is to generate content that specifically fulfills the purpose of a user's online searches through tailored content that search engines recognize as quantifiably valuable.

Why should you use SEO Dashboards?

SEO Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure the performance of their website for organic search results. Search engine optimization is a core function of any marketing team. In order for teams to really understand their search marketing performance, it’s important to measure SEO metrics and track changes frequently. This analysis can help determine top-performing pages, top-converting keywords, and areas of your website that need to be optimized for search.

Features of an efficient SEO Dashboard

An efficient SEO Dashboard encompasses several essential features, each serving a distinct purpose in enhancing your website's visibility on search engines. Here are some key components to look out for:

  • Keyword Tracking: This feature allows you to monitor the rankings of your chosen keywords over time, helping to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.
  • Backlink Analysis: A comprehensive backlink profile overview is a must-have feature. It helps assess the quality and quantity of incoming links, a vital factor influencing your website's SEO performance.
  • Organic Traffic Analysis: By providing details about the sources of your website's organic traffic, this feature enables you to identify which channels are driving the most visits and conversions.
  • Competitor Analysis: A good SEO Dashboard will also provide insights into your competition's SEO tactics, helping you to craft a more effective strategy.
  • Site Audit: Regular site audits are essential for spotting and fixing technical SEO issues. An efficient SEO Dashboard will offer this feature, ensuring your site remains optimized for search engines.

How to track SEO performance

SEO performance is the impact of the efforts implemented to drive traffic to a webpage or website through keyword targeting, internal linking, and backlinking, among many others. The end goal of generating SEO traffic is to drive customers searching for specific keywords to the specific landing page optimized to convert to sales.

The best way to measure SEO performance is through SEO metrics created through analytics. Analytics is any program that assists in gathering and analyzing data about website usage. These metrics, such as SEO keyword ranking, are hard numbers obtained from your website data gathered from analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Moz.

Metrics and KPIs for your SEO Dashboard

SEO Traffic Performance

SEO Traffic

SEO traffic measures the number of visits to your website from organic or paid search traffic.

SEO Deeplinks Metric

Link Building Metrics

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

Keyword Ranking

SEO Keyword Ranking

Don't let your SEO efforts fall behind. Learn how to improve your page ranking and the Keyword Ranking metrics you need to be paying attention to.

SEO Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic for SEO Optimization

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Top SEO metrics to track for KPI-driven marketers:

  • Number of indexed pages
  • Number of keywords ranked 1
  • Number of keywords on Page 2+ (striking distance)
  • Top 10 Pages yielding traffic as %
  • Organic Traffic vs Others
  • Page load time
  • Mobile friendly score
  • External links
  • Keyword density per page
  • Internal/External links per page
  • Search Lost Impression Share (Rank)

Best SEO metrics to track on your reports

Tracking search metrics and KPIs allows your marketing team to analyze search engine optimization efforts. The right SEO metrics can help your team improve organic search results and increase website visits and leads.

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