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Take your Google Analytics data to the next level by building a dashboard in PowerMetrics. Track your bounce rate, sessions, and conversions on a made-for-you dashboard.

Track your Google Analytics metrics on a custom dashboard

Connect your Google Analytics data to PowerMetrics and visualize your bounce rate, sessions, goal competitions, or page views on a dynamic dashboard.

Choose from our available pre-built connectors or use custom Google Analytics data to visualize the metrics that matter to you and your business. Visualize your data, modify the colours, and filter or segment to add dimensionality to your data.

Google Analytics Metrics | Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate measures the percentage of users that exit a website after viewing a single page only.

Google Analytics Metrics | Goal Conversions

Goal Conversions

Goal Conversions is the count of the number of goals that have been completed during a session on a website.

Google Analytics Metrics | Page Views

Page Views

Page Views is the count of times the content of a page is loaded or re-loaded.

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Why do I need a Google Analytics dashboard?

  • Visualize your Google Analytics data with custom colours, a variety of visualization types, and robust data history so you can track your progress over time.
  • Combine your Google Analytics data with Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter to understand how leads are finding your website and converting to customers.
  • Identify trends in your data and use the findings to shape your future strategies and decisions.

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