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Track how people are hearing about your brand on social media and search engines.

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Brand Awareness Definition

The Brand Awareness Metric tracks how your brand is performing on social and on branded search. This metric is designed for a digital marketer looking to capture changes to online brand awareness over time. This metric contains 4 key measures which require additional definition:

Facebook Posts and Fans

For digital marketers tracking brand awareness online, Facebook is the front line for social media campaigns. The number of posts each month helps marketers track the velocity of their social media efforts, while comparing it to the increase in fans over time. These are high level measures which will require further analysis by looking at additional social media metrics.

Twitter Followers

Similar to Facebook fans, Twitter followers allows digital marketers to track brand visibility on a key social media platform. Tracking this measure over time provides the ability to understand trends in behaviour, especially when paired with total number of posts over time. Consider digging deeper into this measure using more granular social media metrics.

Brand Mentions

This measure is unique in that it provides insight into how many times your brand is mentioned online, which includes sources like social media, 3rd party websites, and blogs. To calculate this metric, consider trying out a social listening service such as Talkwalker.

Branded Search

Looking at the number of people who are searching for your brand on search engines provides great insight into the awareness of your brand. In this particular example of the brand awareness metric, the branded search measure is compiled by analyzing how many organic search visits land on a brand’s homepage or product pages.

Brand Awareness and comparison time periods

The comparison periods, denoted by the %MoM (month over month) columns allow digital marketers to see how they are trending over time. The brand awareness metric is designed to provide a baseline and allow marketers to spot outliers. If a particular month is up compared to the previous period, it may be the result of a PR campaign or successful social media campaign.

Brand Awareness Benchmarks

There are no specific benchmarks for Brand Awareness. Hootsuite says that after deciding your KPIs, document the starting point for each metric to track changes over time, especially if you are launching a brand awareness campaign. Here’s some expert advice and rules of thumb:

Richard Pentin, Senior Planner, TMW

  • Only compare your social media activity to your competitors where they share similar objectives. The same goes comparing the performance of your different platforms, only compare with other channels that share similar objectives.

Brand Awareness Challenges

Everyone can tell you something different when it comes to how to use social media, remember that data is king. Only data can tell you what works best for your specific brand. According to a 2015 global study by Regalix which included a mix of product and service companies, assessing the effectiveness of social marketing marketing activities was the greatest B2B social media marketing challenge. The Brand Awareness does not identify if the social media mentions or posts are positive or negative. For further analysis and a better understanding, pair this metric with the Social Sentiment metric.

Brand Awareness Best Practices

  • To increase Brand Awareness develop relationship with influencers in your industry.
  • Each platform is different, so don’t treat them the same! Try sharing different content on your social media properties, and if you want to share the same link, image or content, do so according to the specific platform purpose.
  • Social media is a living, breathing platform that requires constant monitoring and fine-tuning. Set up regular meetings to analyze metrics and go over the performance of your brand and/or campaign.

How to Monitor Brand Awareness in Real-time

The brand awareness metric is a powerful metric for digital marketers to track on a monthly basis. This metric, however, is only one part of the story of online marketing performance. Consider tracking this metric alongside the first visit metric, returning visit metric, and online conversion metrics.

Learn more about how to track your Brand Awareness Metric on a Digital Marketing Dashboard.

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