Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach Metric

Compare your Facebook Ads impressions with reach over the past 7 days.

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Social Media KPI Example - Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach Metric

Facebook Ads: Impressions and Reach Definition

Facebook Ads lets you compare your impressions and reach over a specified time period (7 days, 28-days, 12 months). Facebook impressions are defined as the number of times your ad was viewed on a user’s Facebook or Instagram timeline or the Audience Network.

This is an important metric for social media marketers to track because it tells if your ad was compelling. If your impressions and reach are close in comparison, it means your ad caught the attention of your audience.

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What’s the difference between reach and impressions?

Impressions measure the total number of times a post was visible in a user’s timeline or feed. Reach is the count of people who viewed your post at least once. Impressions don't measure if the post was read, clicked, or engaged with.

How do I track Facebook Ads impressions and reach?

Track your Facebook Ads impressions and reach on a dashboard. Establish your benchmarks and KPIs for your Facebook Ads campaigns, and monitor them (and other social media KPIs) on your social media dashboard.

When you visualize impressions and reach on a Facebook Ads dashboard, you can easily identify trends and areas of improvement in your advertising strategy.

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