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PowerMetrics bypasses the cost and complexity of traditional BI so leaders like you can focus on using data to make bold decisions.

Data Service Connections

Easy to add services to get you to metric insights without any coding knowledge.
(More services added weekly!)

Custom Connectors

Connect to every data source
in your team’s tech stack.

Custom Connectors

Connect to every data source
in your team’s tech stack.

+300 more

No coding required

PowerMetrics makes the process of importing your data and modifying it easy for anyone to do. Once imported, you can visualize your data into charts and filter or segment your data without any technical help.

Track your data over time

Easily compare time periods and explore historical trends in your data. PowerMetrics automatically keeps your data in sync and tracks your data history.

Your data,
your way

Calculated metrics ensure the data you’re tracking is exactly what you’re looking for. You can even combine metrics that merge data from different data sources.

Powerful date and filter options

Dive deeper into your data by adjusting date ranges, switching to hourly, monthly, or yearly views, and filtering by specific dimensions.

Value that scales with your metrics reporting needs.

Start with a generous free plan and upgrade as your reporting needs become more sophisticated.

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