Turn your data
into insights

A metrics-first approach to analytics for better business decisions.

Metrics are
built to be shared

Turn umm into a-ha! Create a data-driven culture by sharing metrics that are accessible to your entire team

Add users, download a PDF report, share individual metrics or a dashboard that allow users to apply filters, segments, and visualization types. No matter how you slice and dice it, your data is there and waiting for everyone.

Full funnel reporting
all on one dashboard

Business decisions aren’t made based on a single metric.

Data stored in applications, spreadsheets, and databases can be tough to analyze. PowerMetrics connects to hundreds of data sources so you can access the data that guides your business decisions.

With our metrics-first approach, your data is modeled behind-the-scenes so you can segment and filter, compare and analyze, and bring all of your business metrics together in one place.

No one ever hit
a target in a spreadsheet

Goals let you lean into confident decision-making.

Set threshold or recurring goals and notifications so you can be notified of the changes in your data and take corrective action early. Receive notifications via app or email, so you can stay on top of your data any time, any place.

Set Your First Goal

Say goodbye to
calendar reminders

No more Slack messages asking, “Is the data in the spreadsheet up to date?”

Add a metric and let us handle the automation for you.

Three ways to
build a metric

Instant Metrics

We’ve done the complicated work for you. All you need to do is pick your instant metric, authenticate, and watch your data grow.

Custom Metrics

Upload a file, spreadsheet, or connect to a database and create a custom metric to automate your data. No JSON knowledge required.

Calculated Metrics

Looking for CAC:LTV? MQL:SQL? Turn those acronym-ratios into real numbers with calculated metrics. Combine two metrics in a formula and watch the magic happen.

2022 Goal: Double Company Revenue by Q4

How can we increase organic traffic?
How much revenue is in our pipeline?
How do we reduce churn?
What is our NPS?

A metrics-first approach to analytics

Our mission is to help people like you succeed with data. Turning your raw data into metrics removes barriers to entry and makes it possible for everyone to access insights.

Metrics turn your data into a story

Once you add a metric, we start collecting your data history. See how your data changes and grows over time. Look back and identify trends and use those as a guide to form decisions in the future.

Not all data sources are created equal. Even if your data source doesn’t track history, we do. Build up your data history and compare across time periods for past and present analysis.

Turn your data into
a competitive advantage