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Make analytics
everybody's business.

Put data analysis and dashboard creation into the hands of business users with curated metrics, governed by the data team.

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Recognized as most recommended (Software Advice) and a category leader (G2 Crowd) in Analytics and Business Intelligence.

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"PowerMetrics gives non-technical business users exactly what they need, without having to worry about the technology underpinnings. A centralized, managed inventory of metrics is an excellent complement to traditional BI tools, making them more powerful and consistent."

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Adam Roderick,

CEO, Datateer

Complete your analytics stack.

PowerMetrics is a complementary analytics solution that gives business users self-serve data access for independent, confident decision making. Centralized, certified metrics, governed by the data team, ensure data is accurate and aligned across all dashboards and reports.

Adding PowerMetrics reduces ad hoc requests to data teams by giving business users everything they need for intuitive, no-code metric exploration, visualization and dashboard creation. Learn more about integrating PowerMetrics into your data stack.

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Business up front. Party in the back.

Spend less time dealing with ad hoc requests for dashboards and reports and more time on advanced data work. PowerMetrics gives business users what they need — straightforward metric-centric analytics built on consistent definitions and a single source of truth.

Data Team


Business Users

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See how it works.

Check out auto-generated metric overviews, forecasting, deep-dive exploration, dashboard creation and so much more.

Independent, AI-powered consumption

Go from self-serve to

Get quick answers to questions. With just a few clicks or by asking natural-language questions, business users get the data they need for daily decision making, dashboarding and reporting. Data teams may never hear from them again ... Except when they say Thank You!

Public API available, contact us for details

PowerMetrics AI

Analysis & dashboards

Goals & notifications

Have a conversation with your business data. PowerMetrics includes a natural language interface that understands your intentions and uses generative AI to build the visualizations that answer your questions.

Single source of truth

Define once,
use everywhere.

Metrics are predefined calculations that align with a business concept (for example “revenue”). Centrally stored, they give business users the trusted data they need to work with confidence.

Metric creation

Maintains the SSOT


Choose one or more of our integration solutions and add or replace methods as your data stack evolves. All metrics, regardless of the chosen solution, can be used interchangeably as calculated metrics.

A catalog of metrics

Bridge the gap betweendata and business.

Reach new levels of cross-team efficiency with a centralized catalog of curated metrics. Governance for the data team. Independence for business users.

Metric governance

Metric access

Control access to the organization’s metrics with user roles and view and edit permissions. After defining metrics, set them as “certified” to ensure business teams are using the right data across the board.

Provide the data,
don’t build the dashboards.

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Dashboards for business users – Managed data for everyone. PowerMetrics puts data analysis and dashboard building into the hands of business teams, freeing up data teams to focus on what they do best.

With its unique metric-centric architecture, PowerMetrics abstracts modelled data into metrics to hide complexity behind the scenes and enables approachable analytics for all.

Save time, reduce risk, and get great results with Klipfolio Services

Our data specialists and engineers will work with you to close gaps quickly and help deliver a solution that aligns with your business goals.

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Onboarding and Training

With customized training plans, our experts will guide your team on how to get the most out of Klipfolio products and deliver the right data to the right people.

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Implementation Services

We'll get it done together. Think of our experts as your extended team. From data stack integration to metric and dashboard creation, rely on us to get your system up and running.

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Analytics – reimagined

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Frequently Asked Questions

PowerMetrics is a self-serve metrics platform and complementary analytics solution. It enables data teams to manage organizational data while providing controlled access to business users with a metrics catalog and streamlined metric-centric analytics.

As a hybrid metrics solution, PowerMetrics has the ability to query data directly from your data warehouse, import metrics from your semantic layer and create native metrics from common file formats and hundreds of data services. Explore our hybrid integrations approach.

A metric catalog lists and organizes a company’s metrics in a centralized location. Curated, certified metrics, managed by the data team, give business users fast access to key data points, improve data consistency, reduce data duplication, and ensure all metrics are meaningful. Governance is assured by granting access rights and permissions at the user level to determine who can view or edit each metric.

A well-defined metrics framework enables faster, more reliable decision making. The consistent structure of metrics allows for effective data monitoring over time and makes it easier to quickly see when there are changes in the data.

Key members of the organization, through careful consideration, decide what each metric measures and how the data is processed. As a result, metrics represent deeply meaningful, well-understood information, based on agreed-upon standards and definitions. Learn more.

The simplest answer to this question is both! PowerMetrics enables everyone in the organization to work with centralized, trusted metrics, curated by the data team.

Data teams use PowerMetrics as an integration tool within their data stack. They import metrics from the semantic layer, query data from the data warehouse or build native metrics from common file formats and data services. All metrics get organized in a centralized catalog of metrics, with managed access for business users.

Business teams use PowerMetrics as a self-serve analytics tool by accessing metrics in the catalog, visualizing and exploring data, setting goals, and building their own dashboards and reports.

Please contact us for more details and your use case for the API. There are several ways you can interact programmatically with PowerMetrics. Most of our customers are interested in an asset management (CRUD) API related to metrics. This can also be used for sandbox environments.

PowerMetrics uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Canada to store and manage customer information and processed data and AWS in Ireland to back up this data. Read our Privacy Statement for more details.

We care deeply about the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your data. Your continued trust in us is our top priority. Read more about how we protect and ensure privacy of your data.

Yes. You'll find lots of great information in our extensive Documentation and Support Centre. Our in-app chatbot is also available 24/7 to answer your questions. If you need more help, you can count on our top-rated Technical Support Team, who are happy to provide personalized email support. For additional resources, check out our YouTube channel and MetricHQ, the first community-driven dictionary for metrics and KPIs.

Yes. PowerMetrics is one of two products built and owned by Klipfolio. PowerMetrics is a complementary analytics solution with a metric-centric architecture that's designed for data teams and business users in larger organizations. Klipfolio Klips is an award-winning dashboarding solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

PowerMetrics works with your existing data stack, ensuring data governance and security, while delivering metric-centric, self-serve analytics for business teams.

As a hybrid metrics platform, with multiple methods of connecting metrics to data in the cloud or your infrastructure, PowerMetrics can also grow with you as your data stack evolves.

Yes. We collaborate closely with our partners, who, just like us, are on a mission to bring data analytics to everyone. Selected partners can also buy a partner license to help them grow their client base. Contact us to learn more.

Yes. You can create metrics from a wide range of data sources. No matter how they're created, all metric types can be combined and used interchangeably, in calculations, analysis, and visualizations. Learn more aboutPowerMetrics integrations.

Make analytics everybody's business.

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