The PowerMetrics AI experience - Learn why metrics provide rich context for better AI

Upcoming Webinar:

Chat with your Data - with PowerMetrics AI

Join us on June 25th | 1pm EDT / 10am PDT / 7pm CEST

PowerMetrics AI brings self-sufficient data analysis to business users. Why make ad hoc requests and wait for answers from the data team when you can get instant answers from PowerMetrics AI? Our intuitive, no-code, natural language interface gives you contextually accurate, relevant answers and ensures all information you share is secure.

You’ll learn:

  • How PowerMetrics AI helps business users get immediate answers by creating visualizations based on natural language questions

  • Why the rich context provided by metrics means better AI for data analytics

  • How our PowerMetrics AI design ensures secure, contextual, accurate data for confident decision making

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Our presenters

In this session, product experts will share their first-hand experiences using AI in data analysis and tell you how to use PowerMetrics AI for fast, accurate, secure information.

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David Mennie

Chief Product Officer,


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Qing Wei

VP Software Engineering,


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Therese Moriarty

Founder and Principal,


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Discover PowerMetrics

PowerMetrics is a complementary metrics platform that works alongside existing BI and analytics tools to provide a solution designed for non-technical business users.

What makes PowerMetrics different?

  • Its hybrid integrations approach means you can work with metrics based on any data stack

  • All metrics, regardless of data source, can be used interchangeably in calculations, analysis and visualizations

  • It includes a natural language interface that understands intentions and uses generative AI to build visualizations and provide insights

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