Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs Examples

The key email marketing metrics every marketing team should track

Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs are values used by marketing teams to measure the performance of their email marketing efforts. If you want to run a successful email marketing program, you have to monitor your campaigns closely. Being able to understand what’s working and what isn’t can help drastically improve your email marketing results. Having an understanding of campaign performance through email marketing metrics like open rate and click-through rate can help you tweak, refine, and improve your program in near real-time.

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Email Marketing Metrics and KPI Examples

Email Marketing KPI Examples | Email Forwards

Email Forwards

Measure the number of times a piece of content was forwarded on to another contact form one of your viewers.

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Email Marketing KPI Examples | Unsubscribes


Measure the number of users who have previously subscribed to your site and no longer wish to subscribe.

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Email Marketing Statistics Dashboard

Email Marketing Statistics

Metrics to gain insight into your email marketing campaigns.

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Email Website Traffic Dashboard

Email Website Traffic Metrics

Increase your goal conversion rates with the right email website traffic data.

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Email Subscribers Dashboard

Email Subscribers Metrics

Track your email subscriptions and set the foundation for future growth.

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Marketing KPI Examples | Email Marketing Engagement Score

Email Marketing Engagement Score

Measure how effective email marketing campaigns are at engaging your audience.

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Tracking Email Metrics and KPIs on a Dashboard

Tracking email metrics and KPIs allows your marketing team to analyze your email efforts and performance. Using a dashboard to display those email marketing metrics can help your team improve key results like clickthrough rate and conversion.