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A Marketer’s guide to KPIs, metrics, and building crazy effective dashboards.


What I learned about hiring - and what every new manager needs to know

Check references. Test for knowledge as well as values. Hiring the right people will make your company run more smoothly. But even a single bad hire can throw your whole team off.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

6 Marketing Automation Lessons To Take You From Data To Dashboard

As a software startup, we enthusiastically embrace technology, and, just over a year ago, we made the decision to embrace marketing automation (Marketo). Here are 6 lessons we thought were worth sharing.

Topics: Tips and Techniques, Dashboard Design - Tips, Resources, Examples, Marketing

How the pointed questions of venture capitalists helped us

Is a potential investor asking you difficult questions in an attempt to ‘get under the hood’ and evaluate your potential? Embrace the process; chances are you’ll learn something. But don’t sugar-coat your answers. This is a time for brutal honesty.

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Best Practices - Three Ways To Increase User Engagement With Your Dashboard

As dashboard builders, we know the importance of metrics. Here are three things you can do to increase user engagement, and go the extra mile to get the right data to the right people.

Topics: Tips and Techniques, Klipfolio

Top 10 Takeaways from the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit

This past week, Mychelle (our CMO) and I were in Las Vegas for Gartner’s annual Business Intelligence and Analytics summit.

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Love is a metric that affects the bottom line

Last week I attended the first ever customer advocacy camp hosted by Influitive. Focusing on customer experience and community, the speakers drove home the point that to get love, you have to give love.

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Introducing the Klip Gallery - A different approach to auto-generating metrics

We’re excited to announce the beta for a new resource called the Klip Gallery. Klip Gallery is a library of predefined metrics for popular cloud data sources designed to accelerate dashboard creation. This new feature has been developed in the same spirit as our KlipStarts -- to make dashboarding easier, faster, affordable, and more fun.

Topics: Metrics and KPIs, Data Sources, Marketing

Got 3 minutes? Get your Google Adwords data in an interactive dashboard.

In October we introduced KlipStarts and announced the Google Analytics KlipStartas our first. Now we're introducing a KlipStart for Google AdWords.

Topics: Metrics and KPIs, Marketing, Klipfolio

How longevity helps your bottom line

Staying in the game - and staying true to our values with quality content and honest efforts - gave us an SEO advantage that was an unexpected boon to our sales.

Topics: CEO, Klipfolio

What does customer love have to do with it?

When we (our CMO, Mychelle, our digital marketer, Jon and myself) launched Klipfolio Insiders, our Influitive customer advocacy hub, we were excited, but not sure what to expect. Our customers tell us they love our product, but how would they react to a gamified experience?

So far we have not been disappointed!

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