The Dashboard Journey Guide

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Knowledge and best-practices for building best-in-class dashboards, and a guide to all things Klipfolio.

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A Marketer’s guide to KPIs, metrics, and building crazy effective dashboards.

Why growth doesn’t happen in a straight line – and why that’s a good thing

It’s exciting when a company goes through a growth spurt. But it’s good practice, after a period of growth, to take some time to regroup. Have the new employees ramped up? Has anything changed with our product or the market? Putting growth on pause every so often will help keep a company on track – and allow time to build in efficiencies.

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Stitch Labs tracks sales data in the cloud with Klipfolio

This case study shows how inventory solution provider, Stitch Labs, uses Klipfolio to simplify its sales operations.

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Key metrics for agile development teams

The Klipfolio engineering team, like other areas of the business, uses the Klipfolio dashboard to monitor key metrics that help us deliver on development commitments. The metrics and visualizations that we monitor on our dashboard help us stay on track with respect to our goals.

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Seven attitudes Canadian entrepreneurs need to change if they want to be successful

Canadian entrepreneurs are as good as any in the world. We have the brains to create good products, and the ability to listen to our customers’ needs. So why aren’t there more successes? I’ve been taking part this week in a mentorship program in Silicon Valley, and from that program as well as my own experience, I’ve identified seven attitudes that hold Canadians back.

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Klipfolio extends flexibility with Vega integration

In this post, Klipfolio's own Senior Software Development Manager, Ali Pourshahid, helps power users and visualization champions to extend our visualizations by integrating Vego into our HTML templates.

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Efficient Foundations Reduces Inefficiency With Klipfolio

This case study shows how Klipfolio helps Australian service providers, Efficient Foundations, save.

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Klipfolio’s first annual Dashboardpalooza

To celebrate Klipfolio’s new building sign, freshly renovated offices, and continuous growth, we organized #Dashboardalooza hosting over 40 of Ottawa’s start-ups, tech companies and digital marketing agencies. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

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Why do customers leave? Listen to your numbers and act quickly.

Keeping customers is as important as getting new ones. If you can keep your existing customers - and get them to do more business with you - you are on your way to great growth. So you need to pay attention to customer retention figures - and act on any issues that come up.

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The value of monitoring how prospects convert into paying customers

To succeed, a business needs to understand how they are performing. And that understanding is based on a series of metrics. It pays to take the time to calculate some of those key metrics; they will tell you a lot about how you are doing, and where you need to adjust your pitch. The first thing to look at is conversion rate: How many browsers convert into customers?

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Why it’s important to figure out what you need to know to grow

To grow, you need to know what it’s going to take to keep you on the right path. Defining the most important things you should focus on takes work. But knowing this will help you understand what to measure. Here are my tips for finding your business’s key performance indicators.

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