The Dashboard Journey Guide

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Knowledge and best-practices for building best-in-class dashboards, and a guide to all things Klipfolio.

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A Marketer’s guide to KPIs, metrics, and building crazy effective dashboards.

Why you should take advantage of people’s willingness to help you

When you’re running a business, the learning never stops. One way to learn is to talk to knowledgeable people about your problems, challenges and concerns. Your investors can connect you with some people, but I’ve found it amazingly easy to approach just about anyone, even my competitors, for a quick chat.

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How a startup can make the most of a board of directors

For an emerging company, every member of the board of directors is critical. A new board member can inject a new dynamic that can change how you think, plan and operate.

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How office seating arrangements affect the energy and efficiency of your business

It pays to spend time figuring out who sits next to whom in your office. Judicious desk placement affects everything from energy levels to your ability to develop products that respond to your clients’ needs.

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How having more employees changes your company

The more employees you have, the less ‘personal’ your relationships with your employees become. And the more attention you need to pay to things like internal communications, working groups and office layout.

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How to pick the right business partner

A business partner is probably an entrepreneur’s most important professional relationship. Trust is the cornerstone of that relationship. And trust grows out of two things: complementary skills, and having a history together.

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Who says you can't go home

I have been blessed with an 18 year professional love affair with the Business Intelligence market space. I was also given an opportunity to grow and lead world class teams at IBM. But after a meeting with Klipfolio CEO Allan Wille, I was infected with the enthusiasm only possible at a startup.

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What I learned about hiring - and what every new manager needs to know

Check references. Test for knowledge as well as values. Hiring the right people will make your company run more smoothly. But even a single bad hire can throw your whole team off.

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6 Marketing Automation Lessons To Take You From Data To Dashboard

As a software startup, we enthusiastically embrace technology, and, just over a year ago, we made the decision to embrace marketing automation (Marketo). Here are 6 lessons we thought were worth sharing.

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How the pointed questions of venture capitalists helped us

Is a potential investor asking you difficult questions in an attempt to ‘get under the hood’ and evaluate your potential? Embrace the process; chances are you’ll learn something. But don’t sugar-coat your answers. This is a time for brutal honesty.

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Best Practices - Three Ways To Increase User Engagement With Your Dashboard

As dashboard builders, we know the importance of metrics. Here are three things you can do to increase user engagement, and go the extra mile to get the right data to the right people.

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