Connect to Your Data

Automated data retrieval from hundreds of data services.

Klipfolio is backed by a simple, flexible data architecture. That means you can upload any data source to the dashboard, automate its retrieval, and use (and reuse) that data to build visualizations and dashboards for your team.


Get started in seconds by uploading your data the old fashioned way.

Need data from a database?

You can connect your Klipfolio dashboard with: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2.


Point-and-click your way to your data with streamlined data connectors.

Learn more about our integrations here.

A simple and flexible data architecture


Forget the confusing schemas and intimidating data warehouses. From uploading your data to using it to create visualizations, there is no step in between to complicate matters (and no need to hire a team of developers to get started). Just upload your raw data to start using it to create a visualization.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Assign data to visualizations using your raw data.


Data and presentation are treated separately in Klipfolio which was harder for us, but easier and better for you. Here's why it's better: You can use a single data source to create multiple data visualizations, or use multiple data sources to create a single visualization. What you do with your data is entirely up to you.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Data and presentation are kept separate to allow for greater flexibility.

Automated, automatically.

By default, all web accessible resources are set to automatically refresh every 30 minutes, but you can boost that up to every minute for real-time data sources. If Klipfolio detects a change in your data, your dashboard will automatically update.

Of course, you can always leverage the Klipfolio API to automate the retrieval of any other data source.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Data sources are automatically updated in real time.

We play well with others...

Klipfolio can connect to almost any data source. Here are just a few of the data services our partners and customers use:

Learn more about our integrations here.

Assign and Transform your data

All the tools you need to bring your data to life

No one knows your data like you do, which is why we've given you all the tools you need to assign your data to compelling visualizations. And with built-in formula-editing, you can transform, combine, slice up, and filter any data set before it goes live in a dashboard.

From simple selections to sophisticated XPath.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Work with tabular data sources like Excel and Google Drive spreadsheets.

Tabular Data

If you're like us, you've worked with thousands of cells in spreadsheets. Well, working with tabular data sources in Klipfolio is similar to working with that data in Excel or Google Drive. Assign your data to visualizations by selecting ranges, columns, rows, and individual cells.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Work with tree-structured data like XML or JSON files from sources like Salesforce.

Tree-Structured Data

Even if you've never worked with XML or JSON data formats before, our beginner friendly XPath selection tool makes it easy to locate and select the exact value(s) you want. Of course, if you're an advanced user or developer, you can handcraft your XPath.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Combine multiple data formats and data sources in a single visualization.

Combine data formats

You can combine multiple data sources, even if they're in different formats like XML and CSV. This allows you to mash up unique data sources, like Google Analytics and Salesforce, to create insights that are fine-tuned for your business.

Manipulate your data with point-and-click formulas.

Not every data set is ready to be used in a data visualization. Sometimes you'll want to extract additional insights or slice and dice a data set in a very specific way. Use familiar functions, logic, and set up formulas (like Excel) to manipulate your data any way you want. Learn more about formulas and functions

Formula nitty gritty:

Included functions:


Use data from:

One or more data sources, free text field, variables, user-specific properties, user-entered data, referenced formulas and other components.

Other features:

  • Undo and redo
  • Multiple data sources per formula
  • Evaluate formula parts
  • Copy and paste
  • Insert before/after
  • Parentheses
  • Variables

Our editor is very powerful. It can look complicated, and sometimes it is, so you will need to invest time learning the tool. We have awesome tutorials, videos, documentation, as well as online, email, and phone support from our success team.

Create Compelling Visualizations

Tell the story behind the numbers with custom visualizations

Everyone loves a good story. Stories have the ability to teach memorable lessons, change behaviour, and inspire action. With Klipfolio Dashboard, you get all the tools you need to bring the story of your performance to life with clear, compelling visualizations.

Stories are memorable, and more likely to change behaviour and inspire action.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Create custom visualizations using your business data.

Smart decisions, and lots of 'em

Klipfolio includes 15 different types of visualizations so you can choose a visualization that will have the maximum impact on your dashboard.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Choose from 15 custom visualizations.

Component Properties

Each visualization has its own customizable properties that you can edit and modify in the Klip Editor. You can change the output format of the data, change the colour or style of a chart, or edit the labels associated with your visual.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Each visualizations has dozens of customization options

Thresholds and Indicators

What happens when a metric drops below a certain threshold? You can set up conditional thresholds that, when triggered, cause a reaction that makes your dashboard demand your attention. It's not about when the numbers are bad, either; set up indicators to show your team when they've hit a goal so you can celebrate the victory.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Conditional thresholds to notify users when a value has changed.

Conditions and Reactions

The indicators system is designed for ease-of-use. Simply set up a condition, such as X is greater than Y, and then set an appropriate reaction, such as displaying a big red warning icon. You can even add multiple conditions and reactions to cover all your bases.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Indicators are simple to set up.

Drill Down and Filters

In just a few clicks, you can transform your tables into drill down reports. Add input controls, like drop down menus and text fields, to let users filter dashboards on-the-fly. And with our powerful variable system, you can configure dashboards to segment data based on the user viewing the dashboard.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Use drill down and filters on your dashboard.

Monitor Your Data

Clean, responsive dashboards make monitoring your business performance a pleasure on any device.

It's time to say goodbye to manually generated reports that are outdated the moment they're printed. Klipfolio is a multi-device platform that provides your team with dynamic dashboards to monitor your performance in real time. And there's always a way to get key insights out to your team, whether it's setting up email reports or downloading Klips and dashboards as images to include in presentations.

Beautiful dashboards that reflect your brand.

Klipfolio is flexible enough to empower you to create extraordinary dashboards while gently directing you down a path of responsible design. We don’t offer snazzy 3D effects, crazy backgrounds and spinning animations. We offer clean, coordinated, effective presentation techniques – techniques we've been refining for more than 12 years.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Clean, responsive dashboards make monitoring your performance a pleasure.

view dozens of live dashboard examples here

Designed for desktop, tablet, TV and mobile phone.

Klipfolio dashboards are designed to look great on any device. Set up your big boards and TVs to display the dashboard in your command center, access the entire application on your tablet, or enjoy a streamlined dashboard experience on your mobile phone.

Klipfolio Dashboard | View your business dashboard on any device from a big board TV to a mobile device.

Klipfolio for Mobile

On the go? Get 24/7 access to your most important dashboards using Klipfolio for iPhone and Android.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Klipfolio for iPhone

Learn more about Klipfolio for iPhone here, and Klipfolio for Android here.

Generate reports in a flash.

Your dashboard is meant to be shared. Set up scheduled emails to send out daily dashboard snapshots to key members of your team. Any dashboard can be downloaded as an image or as a PDF (great for presentations and printed reports). You can even embed individual Klips on your website or private intranet.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Download and distribute your dashboard as an image file or a PDF.

Deploy and Share

Harness the power of dashboards to inspire and motivate your team like never before.

Built-in human scalability

Whether your organization needs 1 seat or 1,000 (or 10,000+), we can handle it. Our user and group management model is inherently scalable and simply managed. Learn more about pricing

Klipfolio Dashboard | Roles and permissions allow you to classify based on their intended usage


Roles and permissions allow you to assign users specific roles based on their intended dashboard usage. Assign roles such as "Administrator," "Editor," and "View-Only." You can even create your own custom roles for special use-cases.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Groups are used for bulk actions like sharing dashboards or limiting access to certain dashboards.


To keep user management simple, data and dashboard access is set at a group level. Add users to groups to govern what they can and cannot see or edit.

Dashboards for any department

You can assemble as many dashboards as you want, at no additional charge. Create real-time dashboards for your marketing and social media team, financial dashboards for your executive and accounting team, and status boards for your sales and support team. Check out these dashboard examples.

Collaborate and share insights

Have an insight that you'd like to share with your team? Use the annotation's feature to add a comment thread to any visualization so everyone can use your insight.

Or, you can share your dashboard or an individual visualization by sending it in an email report. If you're using the manual email report feature, we don't even mind if you share with people that don't have a Klipfolio account.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Collaborate and share insights with annotations and email reporting.

Share your dashboards

Private Links

With private Links, you can publish dashboards (with or without a password) as a shareable link. A private Link supports up to 100 concurrent connections (either individuals or TVs) and are not indexed by by search engines. Private links can be purchased for $90/month for 3 links.

Public Links

Public Links are an easy way to share your dashboards with a larger, public audience - up to 1,000 viewers at a time. These links are free, indexed, and can be found via search engines. Public Links to dashboards are available to customers who already have a plan with Private Links. Take a look at some of our very own public dashboards.

Real-time dashboards for your marketing and social media team, financial dashboards for your executive and accounting team, and status boards for your sales and support team. Click here to check out these dashboard examples and more.

Trust and Security

Seriously, we have a reputation to maintain.

For the past 12 years, Klipfolio has been trusted by some of the biggest healthcare providers, financial institutions, and governments worldwide. We're taking that experience and applying that to each business and product decision to deliver the highest standards of service to you, our customers.

You're in good company with our company.

We've had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest brands from around the world. Learn more about our clients

Klipfolio Dashboard | Clients.

Brains by Klipfolio. Brawn by Rackspace.

Klipfolio uses Rackspace’s world-class cloud hosting service. With SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 compliance, Rackspace meets or exceeds the security requirements of the Fortune 1000.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Secruity.

We're committed to data security.

A top tier data-center, SSL for all "in transit events", user access controls and safeguards, vulnerability monitoring, and a culture of internal procedures and policies – We take care of it all so you and your IT staff can sleep at night. Certifications include Safe Harbor, SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402, and Verisign.
Learn more about security

Klipfolio Dashboard | Data security.

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