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Dashboard Template | Google Analytics - Daily Overview

Google Analytics - Daily Overview

How is your website performing right now? This dashboard is laser focused on answering that question.


Dashboard Template | DoubleClick Campaign Performance

DoubleClick Campaign Performance

The DoubleClick Campaign Stats dashboard is a fantastic tool for Campaign Managers to see how different DoubleClick campaigns are performing. Klipfolio does the work for you by generating a custom report in your DoubleClick account.


Dashboard Template | Google Analytics Organic Traffic Dashboard

Google Analytics Organic Traffic Dashboard

The first step to developing good SEO is understanding your organic traffic. This dashboard allows you to hone in on your organic performance.


Dashboard Template | Google Analytics Social Media Web Performance Dashboard

Google Analytics Social Media Web Performance Dashboard

This dashboard connects to Google Analytics and tracks traffic to your site that came from social channels.


Dashboard Template | SEO Competitor Dashboard

SEO Competitor Dashboard

See how your SEO efforts stack up against your main competitors with this dashboard.


Dashboard Template | Content Effectiveness Dashboard

Content Effectiveness Dashboard

How effective is your content marketing? Fuse SEO and website behaviour metrics to identify opportunities, optimize web content, and track results.


facebook ads dashboard

Facebook Ads - Overview

How are you performing on Facebook Ads? This dashboard helps you track key digital advertising metrics for Facebook like CPC, CPA, CTR, and spend.


Dashboard Template | Google Analytics - Website Overview

Google Analytics Website Overview

Do you manage multiple websites? Or do you want to view the overview of your website across multiple time periods? This dashboard is ideal for either scenario. It's a popular choice for agencies reporting to clients.


Year-in-Review Dashboard

Dreading your yearly website reporting? Use the Year-in-Review dashboard to compare this year's website performance to last year's results.


Facebook Engagement Dashboard

Facebook Engagement

This dashboard tracks Facebook campaign performance. Answer questions like "which posts are followers engaging with the most and least?" and gain insight into key Facebook performance metrics.


Dashboard Template | Social Media - Overview

Social Media - Overview

How are you performing on your social media channels right now? This social media dashboard tracks metrics from 5 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


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