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Creating compelling, engaging content for social media sites like Facebook is about understanding your audience. Perhaps the best way to measure your success in this regard is to analyze how your engagements and conversations affect web performance. This social media dashboard example centers on your Facebook profile to help you measure and analyze how well your message resonates with your audience. Learn more: Facebook Dashboard Integrations

You can even combine Facebook data with other social media metrics from Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, your own custom data sources, and pretty much any service you’d like.

Facebook Metrics

Social Media Metric | Facebook Page Like Metric

Facebook Page Like Metric

With the Facebook page like metric, you can get an in-depth understanding of how your company's Facebook page is engaging visitors.

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Social Media KPI | Facebook Page Demographics

Facebook Page Demographics

Measures and analyzes information about your Facebook followers to help you understand the make-up of your audience.

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Social Media KPI Metric | Facebook Engagement Metrics

Facebook Engagement Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns with user engagement metrics.

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Social Media Metric | People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

Get an in-depth understanding of how people are engaging with your page.

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Social Media Metric | Key Social Metrics

Key Social Metrics

Measure the impact of your social media efforts on other marketing channels, such as your website or on conversion ratios.

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These dashboards allow you to monitor your engagement on Facebook and the performance of your Facebook Ads campaign. By centralizing all your most important KPIs, this dashboard allows you to spend more time analyzing and less time gathing data.


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