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Social Media Dashboard Example - Social Media Monitoring DashboardSocial Media Dashboard Example - Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

What is a Social Media Monitoring dashboard?

You do it all. You track your Facebook page stats, monitor your LinkedIn mentions, respond to questions on YouTube, and post fun, glossy pictures on Instagram. While your social media strategy may be on point, you may still be jumping from platform to platform in a tiring effort to monitor all your social media accounts. Or, you could use a social media monitoring dashboard to bring all your metrics together in one place.

What should you track in a social media monitoring dashboard?

Track key metrics from each social media account you own or monitor. Think about each platform on its own: which metrics do you track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? You may want to give preference to metrics that you track more often, such as reach and engagement metrics. Alternatively, you can create a monthly social media monitoring dashboard to check your progress over time. For this scenario, time series metrics such as monthly new subscribers, audience demographics, or channel views might be better suited.

These metrics basically do two things: gives you a view into your social platforms followers and likes, and shows your most recent posts, conversations, and engagements on these platforms. You can display this dashboard on an office wallboard or a TV dashboard to keep an eye out on social progress and buzz topics.

Twitter Metrics

Twitter Followers

This metric gives social marketers a count of your current Twitter followers.


Retweets is the total number of people who click the retweet button under your tweet.


Mentions on social media are instances where users reference another user by using the @ symbol.

Instagram Metrics

Instagram Followers

It’s not always about how many likes you get on a post, it’s about how many people are served up your content! This metric gives social marketers a count of their current Instagram followers.

Content Engagement

Content Engagement measures all engagements resulting from content generated in a social media account.

Page Likes

Page Likes counts the number of unique visitors who have liked your page.

Facebook Metrics

Page Check-Ins

Facebook users use Page Check-Ins to announce when and how they interact with a business which can include visiting the premises, using a product, or attending a promotional event.

Media Likes

Media Likes is the total count of likes you receive on multiple formats of media posted on your social media page.

Website Clicks

Website Clicks counts the number of times people clicked on the link to your website on your social media profile page.

YouTube Metrics


The Subscribers metric counts the number of paid or non-paid users who have periodic access to a product or service.

Video Comments

The number of comments on a video is one indication of the level of engagement users have with that video.

Video Watch Time

Page Reach is the number of unique users that have seen posts or any other information or content from your social media page at least once.

LinkedIn Metrics

LinkedIn Followers

LinkedIn is the premier social platform for professionals and companies alike. Followers of your profile see your company’s updates on their timeline. Social marketers get a current count on their LinkedIn followers with this metric.

Post Clicks

Post Clicks is the total number of times a post was clicked.

Page Impressions

Page Impressions counts the total number of times content from your page or about your LinkedIn page is viewed by or shown to users.

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