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What is Retweets?

Retweets enable Twitter users to post an existing tweet to their own account. Users have the ability to retweet with added text or as is. Retweets are specific to Twitter, however other services such as LinkedIn and Facebook enable sharing and forwarding.

Alternate names: Reposts, Forwards, Reshares

How to calculate Retweets

ƒ Count(Retweets)

What is a good Retweets benchmark?

High retweet count can be considered a positive sign of user engagement, but care must be taken that users are not retweeting due to negative sentiments surrounding a tweet.


If 20 users retweet a post by a company on Twitter, the retweet count for that post is 20.

More about this metric

Twitter is a platform businesses and individuals use to engage with users by publishing original content, responding to tweets by others, and giving a human touch to the business by online interactions and relatable tweets. Often, when users agree with a post, they may retweet the post. This means that the user reshares the post to their own Twitter profile. Users have the ability to retweet with added text or as is.

Retweets allow a business to measure how many users have enough interest in the post to reshare it with their own set of followers. When a user retweets a post, the post is shown to the followers of the account that retweets. This means that the post can be shown to a wider audience, depending on who and how many retweet the post.

Care must be taken to monitor whether users retweet the post without adding their own comments, or that any comments added to the post are with a positive sentiment.

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