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Developer & DevOps Dashboard

A real-time view of your key software development metrics and project breakdown.

Track all your Developer & DevOps KPIs in one place

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Business Dashboards Example - Developer & DevOps Dashboard

What is a Developer & DevOps Dashboard?

This Developer Dashboard displays a project burndown and release tracker to help keep the DevOps team on the same page.

Developers are the key to website performance and feature development. Keeping track of the investment into bugs and features is critical in running a smooth system. The dashboard also displays Unresolved issues, WIP limits, and feature vs. bug investment to help the team keep the website performing and tackle any issues that come up right away.

Relevant KPIs and metrics

Bug Feature Investment.png

Feature vs. Bug Investment

The Feature vs. Bug Investment metric displays the number of bug issues vs. feature issues your DevOps team has to work on.

Devops Metrics Project Burndown Metric.png

Project Burndown

The Project Burndown metric displays the different project sprint projections vs. actual project sprints.

Release Tracker Metric 0.png

Release Tracker

The Release Tracker metric displays feature releases that are in the pipeline, under review, and in progress.

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