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Case Studies

A collection of our most recent Case Studies.


Planday tracks top SaaS KPIs with new dashboard technology: PowerMetrics

SaaS company uses new dashboard features to monitor KPIs.


Klipfolio helps Ascentis manage team performance using hard facts

Ascentis employees have become more ‘metrics-driven’ since the company started using Klipfolio. This includes their executive team who are using Klipfolio dashboards to present key company metrics during board meeting presentations.


Arora Project discovers a better way to manage their marketing metrics

Arora Project creates real-time reports for their clients. It enables them to offer their clients a quick, top-level view into their performance.


Cloud Ready offers a powerful server monitoring solution to their Partners

Cloud Ready is using Klipfolio to build real-time server monitoring reports for their Partners.

Do Something Great

“My OKR Dashboard Made Me Famous!”: A Client Success Story

An OKR (Objectives and Key Results) client was excited about the results she and her organization had realized by implementing OKRs. Her OKR process helped her perform better, helped the organization perform better and, most importantly, made her famous across the organization.


Netguru streamlines company-wide KPI monitoring with Klipfolio

Klipfolio has positively impacted NetGuru’s transparency and departmental alignment.

Business Dashboard Metrics

When it comes to business dashboards, let the metrics drive

Are you metrics-driven or driven-by-metrics? Versature's Tyler Cooper believes there's an important distinction between the two.

Audace Klipfolio

Case Study - Audace Lunettes

A dashboard enabled Audace Lunettes to stay ahead in the fast paced eyewear industry and access the key metrics critical to business success and growth.

Efficient Foundation Banner

Efficient Foundations Reduces Inefficiency With Klipfolio

This case study shows how Klipfolio helps Australian service providers, Efficient Foundations, save.

Klipfolio Case Study Ekstra Bladet

Case Study: Ekstra Bladet stays on top with Klipfolio

Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet uses Klipfolio to dominate the ratings in the Danish media market. Check out their case study for the full story.

Klipfolio Case Study Flightnetwork

Case Study: Flight Network democratizes its data with Klipfolio

Company uses data to cement its position as Canada’s largest online travel agency. Check out the case study to see how Klipfolio influenced Flight Network's success.

Mec Klipfolio

Case Study - MEC Global

It takes time to find the information you need. And in a company like MEC Global – where the pace can be manic – there is no time to spare.

Premier Stationary Klipfolio

Case Study - Premier Stationary

"Klipfolio gives us a minimum of an hour a day saved." The extra hour gives the order processing group more time for important, value-added activities like checking out process exceptions and spotting opportunities. Who couldn't do with an extra hour a day?"

Sanoma Blog Banner1

Case Study: How Sanoma gets the big picture with Klipfolio Dashboard

When you’re a leading consumer media company managing multiple broadcast and online content delivery channels, how do you stay on top of and fully utilize the constant torrent of data? The answer, for Finnish broadcaster Sanoma, is to use Klipfolio Dashboard. Check out this case study and see how Sanoma gets the big picture.


Case Study: How Stupid Cancer manages all the moving parts with Klipfolio Dashboard

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kenny Kane from Stupid Cancer and chat about how they use Klipfolio to manage all the moving (data) parts of their organization. Check out this case study.

Summit Sports Klipfolio

Case Study - Summit Sports

"We looked at lots of dashboards and had almost decided to build one in-house... A dashboard needs to be compelling, and Klipfolio Dashboard presents the data in a way that's intriguing."


Performance dashboards keep Brickshare on track towards meeting their business objectives

Klipfolio provides Brickshare with real-time metrics showing data like investments approved, total number of investors, and funds needed for the particular project.


Artrepreneur optimizes marketing campaign conversions with Klipfolio

Klipfolio saves an online company time, promotes transparency, helps them make quick decisions and drives their growth plans by optimizing their marketing and product conversion rates.

Banner Cervino Case Study

Case Study: Cervino Marketing Delivers Smart Marketing Dashboards

Netherlands-based Klipfolio Partner Combines Big Data Engine with Klipfolio Dashboards.

Cervino Pauw Klipfolio Reporting Banner

Pauw Agency brings transparency to the music industry with Cervinodata

Case Study: Letting the musicians focus on what they do best, Pauw Agency and Cervinodata pair up to create killer marketing dashboards in Klipfolio.

Pixable Klipfolio Case Study

Case Study: Pixable Tracks and Monitors Facebook Metrics with Klipfolio

Company gets quicker and more granular data on Facebook traffic and ad spend with Klipfolio dashboards.


Cervinodata’s 5-year partnership with Klipfolio leads to 1200% growth

Cervino uses Klipfolio in two ways: for internal reporting and for managing their client reporting.


Dashboards are the backbone of success for chat support providers

Klipfolio helps chat support teams track their key business metrics.


Connecting Klipfolio to HubSpot just got a whole lot easier

Read more about two use cases where AstrealT provided help to prepare HubSpot data into Klipfolio's data analytics platform.


The Realty Medics improve project management with Podio and Klipfolio

Improve your project management with Podio and Klipfolio metrics

Customer Spotlight Qualtry Blog Banner

How Qualtry connected ActiveCampaign to track everything marketing

Learn how Klipfolio helps Qualtry connect to every app and database that is required to analyze their data and monitor business performance.


Real-time dashboards are making work life easier for an Office Manager at Resolute Recruiting

Think of data visualization like a car dashboard. When you are driving, you only really need to keep an eye on a few key data points.

Customer Spotlight Aimsio

See how Aimsio uses powerful dashboards to enhance reporting

Erin Christensen is the Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Aimsio, a cloud-based field services management solution. Klipfolio has become an integral tool for her and the sales team, as they use it everyday to track leads.

Clarity Head

Clarity Wave stays on track with SaaS metric monitoring

SaaS metrics are top of mind for the Clarity Wave team.

Customer Spotlight Bakermen

Customer Spotlight: See how bakerMEN use Klipfolio to create 100 reports in less than two days

Explore how bakerMEN use Klipfolio to create 100 reports in less than two days to drive business performance.

Customer Spotlight Cervino

Cervino Marketing delivers powerful dashboards using Klipfolio and their data engine

When Cervino Marketing started working with Klipfolio, they saw the power of the API to scale up the deployment of dashboards for their clients.

Customer Spotlight Electrolux

Electrolux works with Klipfolio to track sales metrics and KPIs for their European offices

Andreas Tóth, the Online Sales Manager at Electrolux has worked for the company since November 2016, helping to grow the online sales and introduce a data driven culture with the help of Klipfolio dashboards.

Flinder Customer Spotlight

See how flinder stands out from the competition with Klipfolio

From sales activity to financial information and trends, flinder provides insight to help their clients meet their objectives.

Customer Spotlight Jobber Banner

Customer Spotlight: How Canadian powerhouse Jobber uses dashboards

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jobber -- they are the technology backbone for home service businesses. Their software helps service based business with quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and payment collection. Tens of thousands of lawn care, maid service, plumbing, and other home service professionals use Jobber to run the day-to-day aspect of their businesses. In this

Pena Customer Spotlight

See how Pena Business Data Reporting takes clients from spreadsheets to dashboards

Anthony builds custom dashboards to help ensure all of his clients are on track to hit their goals and to help identify areas for improvement using Klipfolio.

Customer Spotlight Spoonity Banner

Customer Spotlight: See how Spoonity helps quick service restaurants with customer loyalty

Learn how Spoonity uses Klipfolio to build detailed dashboard reports for their customers so they can easily track reward app performance.

Customer Spotlight Teldio

Dashboards become the centerpiece of Teldio's management and operations

Teldio is a two-way radio applications developer founded in early 2008. Their primary focus lies around voice & data application development for Motorola Solutions’ digital MOTOTRBO™ radio networks. About 4 years ago, with great demand from their customers, Teldio began to commercially develop D3M, an internal tool used to plan out the networks that were being deployed. The


Tantalus saves days of report building efforts with Klipfolio

Track, analyze, and report on data coming from a number of different data sources nested in Jira.


Nakoa saves two hours a week per client on reporting with Klipfolio

Nakoa scaled Klipfolio and created dashboards for all of their clients. The dashboards include the clients’ top of mind marketing KPIs that have the biggest impact on each of their businesses.


The MagneticOne Group saves hundreds of hours per year by switching dashboard providers

These folks do not mess around. After trying out Cyfe, the group moved over to Klipfolio... Here's why.

Wickhelad Copy

Wicket is empowering data-informed decisions with Klipfolio

Dashboards for Association Management Software


GCS improves accountability across every department with Klipfolio

How GCS uses Klipfolio to answer the questions ‘How soon can we get this customer’s project started?’ and ‘Is the project team actually busy?'”

Smile Logo

How uses Klipfolio dashboards to stay focused during growth

Steve Deckert, a co-founder of, offers a glimpse into how the company uses Klipfolio dashboards


Logicalis speeds up data analysis efforts by 80% with Klipfolio

React to data quicker and share results with ease like they did at Logicalis after launching Klipfolio.


Dynamic start-up decides to spice things up with new KPI dashboards

Start-up metrics on aggregated dashboards save time and effort.

Personalizing Dashboard for 200 Users

Personalizing a Dashboard for 200 Users

Dashboarding and visualization tools like Klipfolio allow distributed teams and organizations to stay aligned and make data-driven decisions using a shared, centralized report. But, what about those situations in which many different stakeholders need access to their own, individualized subsets of the same data? See how Empirical Path did this for their clients.


Inside the mind of a successful data-driven startup founder

Startup uses data and dashboards to acheive amazing growth results. Here's the story...

Podiatry Data

Enriching Culture Through Survey Data: It's Not Easy Being Green

Picture the last time you had a health-related appointment. Did you have to wait in the reception area for more than 20 minutes? What about when you made it to the room to see your physician, how much time was consumed there? More often than not, the time you invested waiting for the doctor took longer than the amount of time the physician took to see you.

Stitch Labs Klipfolio Case Study

Stitch Labs tracks sales data in the cloud with Klipfolio

This case study shows how inventory solution provider, Stitch Labs, uses Klipfolio to simplify its sales operations.

Tech Partner Spotlight Talkwalker

Tech Partner Spotlight: Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social listening and analytics company that empowers brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts.


19E fulfills dashboard reporting requirements with Klipfolio

Taking Google Sheet reporting to the next level with dashboard reporting in Klipfolio.


PayTabs embraces a data-driven strategy with KPI dashboards

PayTabs uses Klipfolio for tracking their company-wide KPIs.

TV Head

Comet monitors marketing and growth KPIs using TV wallboards

TV dashbaords provide real-time analytics at a glance.

Unito Rocket Launch

Three Ways Unito Uses Data As Rocket Fuel

To gain early visibility into bright spots and bumps in the road, Unito's turns to data. Get the deep dive into the metrics they rely on.

Data Driven Team

Disciple Media streamlines their sales journey and customer experience with Klipfolio

In this Customer Spotlight we dive into how building and implementing data dashboards completely changed Disciple's way of doing business.


Summit CPA streamlines their processes and client deliverables with Klipfolio

Dashboards and reports geared towards Virtual CFOs.

Booyah Ice Cream Kpis

The scoop about ice cream shop KPIs

Every business, no matter what size, relies on KPIs. Yes, even a 3-year-old seasonal ice cream shop.

Internal Meeting

How our Asana dashboard changed the rhythm of our meetings

Learn how our accounting firm used an Asana dashboard to change the rhythm of our meetings and help us better track our clients project statuses.


Independent consultant moves the needle for his clients with Klipfolio

Independent consultant Excel vs. Klipfolio reporting

Iotum Klipfolio Case Study

Case Study: Iotum Gets the Pulse of the Business with Klipfolio

Klipfolio customer relies on dashboards to provide sales, marketing, and executives with real-time and historical data

Jebbit Klipfolio Case Study

Case Study: “Wall of Knowledge” Informs Jebbit’s Strategic Decision-Making

Post-click marketing platform startup relies on real-time Klipfolio dashboards for employees, managers, executives, and investors.


Klipfolio for Executives: An Interview with digital agency CEO Dave Hale

Executive dashboards drive growth and transparency for Klifpolio users and offer c-suite executives real-time reports with insights that are actionable.


Decisions made with Klipfolio lead to 300% growth for Venture Harbour

Venture Harbour currently uses six different dashboards, which each represent one area of focus for the business: Marketing, Development, Team, and then one for each of their three active ventures.


Klipfolio helps Think Biosolution fulfill over 90% of design requirements

Before using Klipfolio, Dr Sanyal was spending a large chunk of his time generating multiple reports on a regular basis.


Klipfolio helps save 10 days of marketing report building efforts per month

WernerCo implements customizable dashboards that display dozens of data points in one view.

Parc Head

How we automated reporting for 50+ clients

Parcero is a leading marketing agency who turned to Klipfolio to help automate client reporting to save hours on manual processes.


Real-time KPI dashboards help Gogoprint improve their NPS rating from 42% to 77% in less than one year

Gogoprint uses Klipfolio to monitor their real-time progress on TV screens to visualize all the data and share it with the employees to improve their KPIs.


Trace Medical teams up with a certified expert to build world-class KPI dashboards

Data is always available in real-time for every facet of the business. A small detail that goes a very long way.


Managing Your Data for Hypergrowth: Insights from a Data-Driven Agency

Data is all the rage in 2019, with some calling it “the new oil.” It’s valuable, sought-after, and it drives profits and fuels acceleration. The only problem with data as a means of growth is that without careful management, it quickly becomes obsolete. So if you’re planning on gathering data, you should first ask yourself three questions: 1) Why are you gathering data? 2) How

Untitled 1

VuPulse is monitoring performance on-the-fly using real-time dashboards

All of their clients want to see their data differently and Klipfolio allows them build these nuanced views with relative ease.

Digital Ad Spend Client Report 1.1

Digital Agency Tracks Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Clients with Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows digital ad agencies build client reports using data in popular tools like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and more.

Ageras Spotlight Blog

How Ageras uses dashboards and reports to forecast revenue for the month

Ageras uses Klipfolio to monitor performance of different markets, measure UX, and give employees the knowledge to deliver maximum value.

Livedata Klipfolio Case Study

Case Study: LiveData Enables Custom Dashboards on Mobile Devices

Klipfolio partner quickly delivers mobile dashboards to clients for financial and core business metrics Blog

Livedata.Mobi automates 250+ reports for 100+ clients with Klipfolio

Learn how Livedata.Mobi uses Klipfolio to automate 250+ reports for 100+ clients, each unique in terms of their business and dashboard requirements.


Truck dealer optimizes inventory and financial reporting with Klipfolio

Truck sales company implements a mobile analytics reporting solution that can be accessed at any time, on-the-fly.


Klipfolio Data Heroes help automate real-time reporting at Curotec

After landing on Klipfolio as their dashboard solution of choice, Jason has found a way to use it as a way to keep both Cutotec’s clients and their leadership team fully in the loop.


Growth Institute is making data-driven decisions faster with Klipfolio

With Klipfolio, Growth Institute has more visibility into all departments and are able to make better decisions on-the-fly backed by accurate, real-time data.


Cresa automates social media reporting with all-in-one dashboards

Cresa has harnessed their social media metrics with Klipfolio reporting.

Irdeto Header

Irdeto saves 15 hours of marketing report work per month with Klipfolio

Tracking the top marketing metrics at Irdeto.

A W1

A&W: An email program 100 years in the making

Alongside A&W, RootedElm's goal was to understand where they could fill the gaps and administer relevant subscriber journeys. By transforming unsubscribe data into a bar chart using Klipfolio, they could interpret subscriber behavior efficiently. Check out their data-driven journey.


Klipfolio dashboards help Laundry Jeans become faster and more efficient

Laundry uses Klipfolio dashboards mainly for tracking how close they are to achieving their company objectives. They also use Klipfolio in various team meetings.