See how Pena Business Data Reporting takes clients from spreadsheets to dashboards

Published 2018-02-20, updated 2023-02-01

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Summary - Anthony builds custom dashboards to help ensure all of his clients are on track to hit their goals and to help identify areas for improvement using Klipfolio.

Anthony Pena is a Data Analyst and Certified Klipfolio Expert at Pena Business Data Reporting. His main focus and role is to have a comprehensive understanding of the businesses he works with so he can help highlight KPIs and metrics. Anthony builds custom dashboards to help ensure all of his clients are on track to hit their goals and to help identify areas for improvement.

About Pena Business Data Reporting

Starting out as a freelancer, Anthony grew his business and now works with clientele as Pena Business Data Reporting. Pena Business Data Reporting specializes in meeting the growing demand to turn large, complicated business data into simple, understandable stories that report on the health of a business and lead to actionable insights.

Getting started with dashboards

Before Anthony started Pena Business Data Reporting, he worked as a Microbiologist for a biotech startup. In that role, he routinely ran experiments in the lab and needed to quickly communicate the implications of the results to the senior leadership team to keep investors up-to-date with the status the company's soon-to-be product.

“I needed one place where my team, and my managers, and I could visually check-in on the progress being made on a weekly basis in an easy to understandable way. Once I realized that many of the same questions kept popping up, that's when I realized a I needed a dashboard tool to summarise all of our relevant KPIs.”

Why Pena Business Data Reporting chose Klipfolio

Anthony brought his dashboard knowledge from the biotech startup to Pena Business Data Reporting. When asked about why he chose Klipfolio Anthony says, “Klipfolio clearly supported the greatest number of connectors to various APIs and sources of data. This coupled with the excellent support from all the great team members at Klipfolio made the decision easy to move forward with Klipfolio.”

“Klipfolio in many ways can account for a surge in growth to my business last year. Many customers have been demanding Klipfolio, which in turn drives up the number of requests we receive for building dashboards on the platform. A win, win!”

E Comm Example Dashboard

How Pena Business Data Reporting uses Klipfolio

Pena Business Data Reporting develop highly customized dashboards on behalf of their clients who either already know about the benefits of using Klipfolio or are looking for a SaaS platform to report on their business metrics. Pena Business Data Reporting will set their clients up with a Klipfolio account, connect them to virtually any supported API, setup databases when needed, offer custom CSS and HTML styling and build custom dashboards based on each clients needs.

Metrics Tracked by Pena Data Business Reporting

So what type of metrics does Pena Data Business Reporting track? Here are just a few KPIs that they keep a close eye on:

  • Sales Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Total Sales
  • Return on Investment

Celebrating the Big Wins

When asked how Pena Business Data Reporting celebrates big wins, Anthony answered, “Sleep! Just kidding. I personally enjoy pulling out the grill and enjoying a good craft beer to celebrate.” We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!

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