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Erin Christensen is the Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Aimsio, a cloud-based field services management solution. Collaborating with the sales team is one of the most important pieces of her job and her role in the organization is to support their efforts, while also bringing in new leads through marketing and social media. Klipfolio has become an integral tool for her and the sales team, as they use it everyday to track leads.

About Aimsio

Aimsio helps companies gain control of their field operations by streamlining processes and providing one, central location for all field data to be accessed. No more paper field tickets, disconnected systems, rogue tickets or revenue leakage. Aimsio’s software provides seamless communication from field to finance, and it’s all under one platform.

Why Aimsio chose Klipfolio

When asked about why Aimsio chose Klipfolio, Erin told us, “We are a data-driven team and wanted to go beyond the generic reporting functionalities of platforms we use on a daily basis. Some of those platforms are: HubSpot, Atlassian (JIRA & Confluence), Zendesk, etc. We were looking for a dashboard platform that was flexible enough to allow us to dissect the data in any shape or form we wanted, but also integrated with as many platforms as possible. Klipfolio checked all those boxes!”

Before using Klipfolio, Aimsio was using multiple disconnected sources to report on their performance. Now they able to connect to every system, including their own internal database and APIs. Using the Klip Editor and functions, Aimsio is able to customize their data visualizations to bring out key insights and create dashboards with metrics they really care about.

How Aimsio uses Klipfolio

Klipfolio is the central location for all of Aimsio’s KPI tracking. Their team has built numerous dashboards including ones for Sales, Social Media, Support, Web Analytics, and Development Sprints. Dashboards are used to track leads through the sales funnel, monitor open support tickets and customer satisfaction, track visits to the website, record social media followers, and more.

How Aimsio uses Klipfolio Dashboard

The Aimsio sales dashboard is at the centre of their weekly sales meeting. Erin says, “The real-time nature and accuracy of the data is critical in having an open and productive conversation. It’s simple to see our sales funnel at a glance and gives us the ability to be agile and make decisions that will make us more efficient.”

How Klipfolio has impacted Aimsio

We asked Erin if Klipfolio has impacted the way Aimsio works. Her answer was simple, “Absolutely. We are now able to be proactive instead of being reactive. Our sales team, for example, reviews a dashboard that gets data from multiple sources in one spot and in real-time. They review activities that would have been impossible to see in a single system if it wasn’t for Klipfolio. We are able to make better decisions and be on top of our KPIs on a daily basis thanks to Klipfolio’s ability to amalgamate the data in a powerful and effective way.”

Aimsio is always rolling out new dashboards, and is currently working on finalizing the marketing dashboard.

Metrics Tracked by Aimsio

Aimsio tracks hundreds of metrics with Klipfolio. Some of their metrics include:

  • Website visits
  • Twitter followers
  • Linkedin engagement
  • Facebook page visits
  • Qualified sales leads
  • Open Tickets
  • Resolved tickets
  • Response rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Bug trackers

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Originally published January 25, 2018, updated Jun, 17 2019

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