Real-time KPI dashboards help Gogoprint improve their NPS rating from 42% to 77% in less than one year

Published 2019-01-23, updated 2023-07-20

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Summary - Gogoprint uses Klipfolio to monitor their real-time progress on TV screens to visualize all the data and share it with the employees to improve their KPIs.

About Gogoprint

Gogoprint is an online printing company that operates in Southeast Asia and have recently opened a branch in Australia, Zenprint. Their primary goal is to disrupt the traditional printing industry in the region by providing high-quality, affordable services to companies of all sizes. They use modern technology and a network of printing partners to keep the machines busy and the cost of printed products low.

Meet Thorsten...

Thorsten Schneider, Operations Manager at Gogoprint (Thailand) Ltd., is responsible for all departments that are involved in daily operations: Artwork Closing, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, and Production. Apart from that, he also manages the internal workflow and special PPA developments.

Data aggregation saves the day!

“Using multiple data sources, we were overwhelmed by the amount of information we had to go through on a weekly basis. We quickly realized that we needed a flexible yet simple solution to pull the information from all the apps to a single dashboard."

Before Klipfolio, Gogoprint was manually pulling data from multiple Cloud Applications to Google Sheets. It was time-consuming and didn’t provide them with the flexibility needed to track and improve their performance.

While sourcing out different dashboard platforms, Gogoprint came across Klipfolio and decided on the platform because it offered exactly what they needed: simplicity, flexibility, and convenience.

Currently, their Sales, Customer Support, and Artwork Closing teams use Klipfolio to monitor their real-time progress on TV screens. They decided to visualize all the data and share it with the employees to improve their KPIs.

Tracking the KPIs that matter most

Besides the obvious KPIs, Gogoprint tracks NPS, which is extremely important to their business. Their Customer Support team also monitors the time spent on the phone or on emails to help streamline client communications.

Gogoprint’s art department monitors the number of files that need to be checked and the number of inspected files. This lets them know if they have achieved their weekly and monthly goals and whether or not they need to make improvements.

“We didn’t think that a single app can change much for us, but it did. Thanks to real-time reporting and the gamification element (we love all the colorful charts), departments that use Klipfolio started performing by 30-40% better, which is a significant improvement. What we are proud of the most is our NPS rate, which grew from 42% in February 2018 to 77% in December 2018. Klipfolio played a significant part in that achievement.”

Work-life at Gogoprint HQ

Gogoprint prides itself on having a flexible company culture focused on dynamic and high-quality execution. Their approach attracts many young specialists from different countries because they encourage their employees to actively participate in the decision-making and take action.

Gogoprint always supports its staff when it comes to sharing new ideas and trying out different strategies. Their employees are their most valuable asset and they do everything they can to unlock their full potential every day.

“We love that Klipfolio allows us to export information from literally all the data sources we use in our work. The entire process is hassle-free and flexible and saves us a lot of time and energy. And, of course, everyone’s favorite is a TV screen feature. It turned daily tasks into fun challenges and friendly competition.”

Every Friday (regardless of their weekly results) they celebrate the week with beers and dinner together. This helps them continue to get to know each other a little bit better and see work as a place to grow and develop meaningful relations, rather than a daily routine that needs to be dealt with.

Some data-minded advice from Thorsten

“We would definitely recommend investing in a couple of tools to automate certain processes. Of course, you can always do everything manually or use apps available for free but these strategies will never yield sustainable results. Don’t be afraid of trying out different solutions and investing money in something that can become a game-changer for your business.”

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