Case Study: Ekstra Bladet stays on top with Klipfolio

You can download your copy of the case study using this link:

Case Study: Ekstra Bladet stays on top with Klipfolio

Here’s an excerpt of the study to get you started

"We need to know what content on the website is drawing readers and what is drawing viewers on our Web TV, in order to stay competitive in the newspaper industry in Denmark.” says Daniel Nielsen, Data Analyst at Ekstra Bladet. “Before Klipfolio, we relied on a lot of PDFs and Excel sheets to get the right data to the right user in the organization. This was time consuming. Klipfolio dashboards let us report, in real-time, which articles and clips are being read. Articles with higher reader status can be manually bumped up to the front page. We can see what articles or video clips our readers are viewing and make decisions immediately about where they should appear on the website.”

Klipfolio dashboards are used widely throughout the organization and content performance information is also displayed on big screen TVs throughout the office. Ekstra Bladet has 85 Klipfolio users and has created approximately 125 Klipfolio dashboards.

Case Study: Ekstra Bladet stays on top with Klipfolio

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Originally published June 2, 2015, updated Jun, 13 2019

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