Case Study: Flight Network democratizes its data with Klipfolio

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Case Study: Flight Network Democratizes its data with Klipfolio

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Company Background: Formed in 2005, Flight Network is the largest Canadian-based online travel company, specializing in providing global travelers with the lowest-price airfares, hotels, vacation packages, and car rentals. It has more than 350 employees around the world, over 2 million customers, and millions of visitors to its site each month.

Flight Network has grown to become the largest Canadian-owned online travel agency in Canada, and second most visited behind only Expedia. The company has traditionally done this through their unique ability to offer the best prices.

Business Challenge: Booking travel is moving increasingly mobile, with consumers demanding better services and convenience from the travel companies they do business with. Flight Network felt they needed to improve the entire travel experience and increase convenience in order to cement their status as Canada’s largest locally-owned online travel agency.

Originally, Flight Network’s data was the exclusive purview of a select group of analysts. Travis Baxter, Flight Network’s senior manager of analytics details the issues with this limitation. “Data ‘lived’ with only five people in the company and they were constantly getting queries from other people in the company about the data. How many visits to our website? How many bookings we were receiving? Through which channels? How much revenue?”

Download the Case Study to See How Klipfolio Solved Flight Network's Problems

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Originally published June 3, 2015, updated Jun, 12 2019

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