Cervino Marketing delivers powerful dashboards using Klipfolio and their data engine

Published 2018-01-08, updated 2023-02-15

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Summary - When Cervino Marketing started working with Klipfolio, they saw the power of the API to scale up the deployment of dashboards for their clients.

Erik van Dorp is the owner and CEO of Cervino Marketing, a certified Klipfolio partner based in the Netherlands. With a Masters in Business Economics, Erik has been passionate about data since the start of his career and wants to help his clients fall in love with their data. Erik believes that data can be impactful and captivating when it’s used to help tell the story of a business, which is something he strives for with all of his dashboards.

About Cervino Marketing

Cervino Marketing has been a trusted Klipfolio partner for the last 4 years and works with an impressive line-up of clients like The Dutch Diabetes Foundation, Netbooster, and Joolz, just to name a few. Cervino Marketing focuses its attention on marketing and online marketing agencies, which has helped them become experts in building marketing dashboards for agencies and their clients.

When Cervino Marketing started working with Klipfolio, they saw the power of the API which allowed them to scale up the deployment of dashboards for their clients.

Since Cervino Marketing can deploy dashboards faster than others can build them from scratch, agencies love working with them.

They’ve built their own template library that helps them scale their business. The Klipfolio API allows Cervino Marketing to quickly copy dashboards from their template library and paste it into a new client. Erik even mentions that in the last 2 weeks, they have delivered 50 dashboards to 3 agencies for 18 clients.

So what’s the secret behind their process? Erik says, “the secret behind this is that we have built a smart data engine that sits between the online marketing channels and Klipfolio.”

That data engine collects and stores data from all channels, then combines, cleans and filters the data, adds descriptions and targets and then feeds the data sources into the dashboards.

All the data preparation is done through a simple to use interface and the data processing is done automatically.

This saves Cervino Marketing time and makes Klipfolio an even more powerful tool for them.

Multi-Channel Dashboard Example

Cervinoboard Dashboard

View the live dashboard

What’s next for Cervino Marketing?


Looking for a data engine to store your own data? Cervino Marketing is opening up their data engine, Cervinodata, to the Klipfolio community.

Cervinodata allows Klipfolio users to collect, store, and prepare their data. You can also add context and targets before feeding it into Klipfolio.

Erik is excited about the future of Cervino Marketing and their data engine adding, “Cervinodata can be very powerful for Klipfolio users that wish to combine data from multiple accounts or channels, for instance from multiple Facebook pages or Google Analytics accounts. Klipfolio is a very powerful dashboard tool and combining it with Cervinodata will open up new possibilities.”

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